Nutritional Consulting

Meredith is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP).  She teaches Pediatric Nutrition, along with other subjects, at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  Her first book is the pediatric textbook at The Edison Institute of Nutrition.  For the past two decades, her focus has been on pediatric nutrition but she has helped all family members prevent, improve or eliminate their health challenges.

Meredith has studied the link between certain foods and symptoms, conditions and disease extensively.  For example, dairy and wheat are the biggest contributors to Asthma, chemicals are the largest culprits for ADD and aspartame is one of the biggest culprits for Epilepsy.  Because she understands and recognizes these links, she helps many individuals when others are unable to.

She teaches families:

How to find healthy, good tasting meal and snack ideas without leaving their regular grocery store

Which foods are causing the most reactions, why and what to do about it

How to heal the intestine, so that vitamins and minerals can be better absorbed from food

How to help picky eaters enjoy a variety of foods

How to lose weight or improve overall health through dietary changes, food sensitivity testing, cleanses, hair analysis and eliminating emotional blocks

How to slowly integrate healthier eating into your lifestyle

Which natural remedies help cure common ailments

The healing power of alternative therapies (i.e. naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, homeopaths and more)

The Resourceful Mother provides natural, easy to understand & implement, time-proven nutritional information to families all over the world, either in person or over the phone/Skype.  She even knows how to talk to kids and teens to get them onside with healthier eating and has done so many times.

“A well nourished brain means a bright, curious conversational little child who finds life a rewarding experience.” 

- Rudolph Steiner 

Life Coaching for Families

Meredith is a Certified Life Coach (Associate Certified Coach (ACC)) for adults and children though the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is the only globally recognized life coaching designation. Her training through Kids Coaching Connection is the only training offered by the ICF in coaching families.

Kids Coaching Connection is an internationally renowned and award winning program for its positive impact on families. Meredith's role as a Kids Coaching Connection coach is to help all individuals deepen their relationships with themselves and others so that they find life to be a truly rewarding experience.

"Research has shown that the present generation of kids worldwide is demonstrating more emotional needs than the last. Recreational and educational programs and families are recognizing that kids are more angry and unruly, more lonely and depressed, more impulsive and aggressive, more stressed and nervous.

A survey by the International Coaching Federation reports that people who have a coach show greater success at setting and achieving goals, increased self-awareness, and lowered stress levels. Increased self-awareness often results from examining one's emotions, behaviours, values and life purpose. This self-awareness helps when making decisions and when having to take action. Self-awareness is one of the foundational requirements of emotional intelligence and is a strong component in academic success."

– Susan Howson, Kids Coaching Connection Founder and Finalist for Coach of the Year

It was helping a teen turn his life around that inspired Meredith to receive formal training in life coaching. This 19 year old had lived in his parents' basement for five years, was on three major drugs for depression and anxiety and had not obtained his driver's license or completed high school. Today, he is fully functioning, happy and attends Georgian College, where he is learning how to help others overcome depression.

Children or teens undergoing a major life change or experiencing depression, anxiety, moodiness, ADD, fear, anger, social/relationship challenges, and behavioural challenges can particularly benefit from life coaching. The Kids Coaching Connection philosophy is that all children are perfect, whole, complete, creative, resourceful and knowing. There is nothing about a child that is broken or needs fixing. As coach, Meredith asks the questions and the child has the answers. Meredith's job is to ensure that each child with whom she meets feels safe, supported, empowered and eventually able to see things from a different point of view, knowing that the circumstances of our lives are all opportunities to learn and grow.

"Being seen and heard is so important to kids. To be totally ourselves and fully expressed without the risk of judgement is one of the greatest gifts we as coaches give to the kids we are working with and to everyone we encounter."

– Susan Howson, Kids Coaching Connection Founder and Finalist for Coach of the Year

Meredith helps parents and children understand one another like never before. Her ability to connect family members and improve their relationships is one of her greatest skills. She also meets with individuals, who do not have children, who want to maximize their potential and feel joy every single day of their lives.

Here are some of the coaching tools that Meredith uses to increase the awareness and emotional expression of each individual:

  • The Wheel of Life – Helps obtain a snapshot of how each individual feels about different aspects of their life
  • Love Languages – Understanding the way each individual feels most loved and appreciated is key to building the strongest relationships
  • Powerful Questions – Asking questions can bring individuals to deeper awareness e.g. 'What do you want?' 'What is/is not working for you?' 'Where are you too hard on yourself?' 'What seems to be stopping you?' 'What are you willing to change?' 'You think or you know?'
  • Taming the Troll – Discovering and taming any trolls that are keeping individuals from moving forward helps them get what they want from life
  • Manifest Your Magnificence cards – A unique set of cards that connects individuals to their true being. See


Wendy Caldwell

"This course gave me the confidence to feed my baby in a natural, nutritious way."

Jill Donahue

"I didn't realize how simple it is to make such a difference in my child's health."

Kristen Verschoor-Owens

"I learned more in this 2 hour seminar than any book has ever taught me."

Jennifer Montoni

"After hearing from doctors that both of my children's stomach problems could only be corrected with surgery, we were devastated. Meredith's knowledge has helped us discover methods for controlling their food sensitivities and has helped eliminate the adverse symptoms in a natural, non-intrusive way. It has made all the difference in our lives."

Jodi Labelle

"After years of dealing with my children's moodiness, stomach aches and runny noses, Meredith led me to the experts who helped me come to understand the root causes behind the discomfort my children were experiencing. Now life is so much easier for my whole family."

Jacquie Foran

"As a working mom, learning that my son had many food sensitivities was overwhelming and I did not know where to begin. Meredith worked closely with me, sharing her knowledge and her own experiences. As a result, I am thrilled to tell you that my son no longer suffers; his rotation diet has eliminated most of his food sensitivities!"

Emma Hayden

"My child finally sleeps through the night! With the use of books, articles and personal accounts, Meredith explained how chiropractors, cranial osteopaths and classical homeopaths could help my daughter. Most importantly, she alleviated my fears about seeking non-traditional help. She is a fantastic link between the natural world and the world of parenting."

Franca Impastato

"When I first met Meredith, my son was only 5 months old and he had already been hospitalized 3 times. Each time, the diagnosis was a virus. I didn't know what to do; he also had colic and was a fussy child. Meredith opened my eyes and many doors for my family and me. I learned that my son was actually having severe reactions to foods that he was eating (rice and oat cereals). If it were not for Meredith, I don't know what my son's health would be like today. I don't know how to thank her for all the phone calls and everything she has done for me."

Mike Gentile

"Good morning, Meredith – hope you are well. Just an update that Georgia's skin (eczema) is doing terrific and her eating and sleeping has drastically improved. Many thanks! You have had a great impact on her."

Courtney Kada

"I wanted to share with you that within 3 days of making the dietary changes that you recommended the eczema on my son’s face cleared up! We'd been fighting this patch since before Christmas with creams and antibiotics and nothing had worked. Not only is his rash gone he rarely has temper tantrums any more (previously he was having numerous every day). Also, for the first time he is now having solid bowel movements! I can’t thank you enough!"