Indigo and Crystal Children


The Indigo children are here to usher in the New Age of Peace.... Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

The Crystal children follow the cleared path into a safer and more secure world.... Doreen Virtue

It's our spiritual duty to help this new generation of Indigo and Crystal children receive the highest life-force energy possible so that they can fulfil their divine purpose.

Join us and learn how to create an effective diet, based on the needs of the sensitive bodies of this new generation, using:

  • Whole, fresh, quality foods
  • A more vegetarian approach to eating; we'll describe how to make a complete protein with each meal
  • Foods that are easily digested; we'll even show you how to maximize digestion of foods that are harder to digest

Indigo children sometimes exhibit ADD or ADHD behaviours such as disorganization, hyperactivity or impulsivity. Crystal children can be diagnosed with Autism when they take longer to start speaking, have speech impediments or are seen as living in their own worlds. "The Resourceful Mother" will share with you, the foods that cause or worsen symptoms of ADD/ADHD and Autism.

Cost: $70 per individual

Indigo and Crystal children were sent to this earth for the express purpose of cleaning up our planet, both environmentally and socially. They are "natural children in an unnatural world". Our duty as adults is to be aware of these facts and teach our children protection and healing techniques so they can not only survive but also thrive, while fulfilling their purpose.

Seminar name


Jill Donahue

"I didn't realize how simple it is to make such a difference in my child's health."

Kristen Verschoor-Owens

"I learned more in this 2 hour seminar than any book has ever taught me."

Jodi Labelle

"After years of dealing with my children's moodiness, stomach aches and runny noses, Meredith led me to the experts who helped me come to understand the root causes behind the discomfort my children were experiencing. Now life is so much easier for my whole family."

Emma Hayden

"My child finally sleeps through the night! With the use of books, articles and personal accounts, Meredith explained how chiropractors, cranial osteopaths and classical homeopaths could help my daughter. Most importantly, she alleviated my fears about seeking non-traditional help. She is a fantastic link between the natural world and the world of parenting."

Franca Impastato

"When I first met Meredith, my son was only 5 months old and he had already been hospitalized 3 times. Each time, the diagnosis was a virus. I didn't know what to do; he also had colic and was a fussy child. Meredith opened my eyes and many doors for my family and me. I learned that my son was actually having severe reactions to foods that he was eating (rice and oat cereals). If it were not for Meredith, I don't know what my son's health would be like today. I don't know how to thank her for all the phone calls and everything she has done for me."