Southampton Haven Women’s Retreat

September 23-25, 2022 in Southampton, Ontario

Experience Heaven on Earth... and learn how to bring it home with you.


This is a retreat LIKE NO OTHER. It is designed for holistically minded women, who truly want to flourish physically, emotionally and spiritually. This retreat is a perfect combination of inner work and having fun. Meredith believes that it is having fun and sharing in each others’ greatness that heals us the most. This is why there will be time spent together partying at the beach, exploring shops & restaurants and taking in wonderful sights. But wait until you receive the hours of incredible, down-to-earth teachings! Every woman will leave with new, groundbreaking perspective on themselves, their loved ones and their lives. You will leave feeling far more inspired, energized & positive than when you arrived!


The cost of the retreat with double occupancy (2 single beds or sharing a queen bed with your friend) at Chantry Breezes Bed & Breakfast ( is $750 plus tax.

The cost of the retreat with sole occupancy is $1,000 (one queen bed) plus tax.


To sign up, email Meredith at with the subject line “I AM SO IN!” and in the body of your email, state the following:

  1. Whether you prefer sole occupancy or shared accommodations
  2. The name of the person you will be rooming with or you can ask to be paired with another participant
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your preferred times to receive a callback

Even though all rooms are similar in price, some rooms are more beautiful than others. In order to keep things fair, the sooner you signup, the more likely you will get your room preference. You will get a callback in the order that the emails are received.     

In the callback, you will be asked to:

  1. Choose single or double occupancy. There are 6 gorgeous rooms.
  1. Provide your method of payment, which can be e-transfer or credit card and the name(s) of each attendee you are registering. Full payment is required at the time of registration, just to keep things simple or if you require a different arrangement, please discuss with Meredith. If you need to cancel within two weeks of the retreat, please contact Meredith, as soon as possible, and she will provide you with a credit towards her next retreat.
  1. State whether you wish to eat with the group, at any or all four of the restaurants listed in the itinerary, so that reservations can be made. You can see by looking at their websites, that it is possible to spend $100 – 150 total on restaurant food. You are welcome to eat food you bring from home at your B & B; you will have a fridge. Please list any food allergies or sensitivities that you have, so that your breakfast will be to your liking.
  1. Indicate whether you would like to book a spa service at The Beach Motel (across the street). You will be given contact information.

Your Host


Meredith Deasley BA, RHN, RNCP, ACC has connected individuals and families to health and happiness through her business, The Resourceful Mother, for almost twenty years. After holding managerial positions in the corporate world for a decade, she gave birth to her two daughters, who propelled her into becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Accredited Life Coach and Spiritual Vitality expert. She taught various subjects at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) for ten years and received The Lifetime Achievement Award in Nutrition across Canada. She wrote and published three books that help people physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has been a speaker at conferences & ceremonies and been featured in magazines, shows & podcasts. Her blog is read in 181 countries and 7,447 cities around the world. What makes Meredith most proud is the number of individuals she has helped overcome physical challenges, come off drugs and alcohol, recover from PTSD, and regain the will to live & thrive.

Suggested Items to Pack

  • Your journal and/or notepad and a pen
  • Your bathing suit, cover-up, sunscreen, and drink of choice, including a cup (your beach towel and chair will be provided by Chantry Breezes B & B)
  • Dressy casual clothing and your pjs
  • Your camera!
  • Snacks or meals (optional)
  • Your fun-loving, adventurous spirit!


Margaret Dietrich

“Thank you Meredith for hosting this wonderful and heart-warming weekend. Your ability to create a safe space for sharing and growth is unparalleled. Your vast knowledge, authenticity and utter candour made it virtually effortless for all to brave their own truths. Soul Journaling is now an invaluable part of my life. Truly an inspirational, perspective-shifting and really fun experience. I feel more capable of understanding my purpose and my worth than ever before. You delivered above and beyond.”


“Meredith, it was an excellent retreat! You are such a lovely, kind, caring and inspiring individual. Great to meet so many brave and authentically beautiful women on their path to the life they deserve.”

Elizabeth Hill

“I highly recommend attending Meredith’s retreat if you are looking to learn about yourself and connect with like minded women. Meredith has a gift for creating an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to dig deep and grow.”

Tanya Willis

“I was lucky enough to join Meredith’s first retreat and it was fantastic!! Incredibly insightful – truly amazing how you can have someone ask you a question in a different way to change how you think of things. And that’s the power of this retreat – you will leave with a new perspective about yourself and your thoughts and feel a sense of peace and clarity. You will also bond with a group of ladies and enjoy the breathtaking views of Southampton!! Highly recommend for those looking for some laughs and a break from normal living while being surrounded by a down-to-earth leader, who speaks from her heart.”