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Explore the road less travelled--an all encompassing easy route to health and vitality.

Let the Resourceful Mother be your guide. She's practical. She's uncomplicated. She has been providing natural, easy to understand and implement, time-proven nutritional information to families for almost two decades. She helps prevent and manage health challenges of any kind. Meredith is also a life coach for both children and adults, trained to improve your whole family's emotional health. She will tell you exactly what you need to know to have the healthiest and happiest family possible.

Meredith Deasley

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Family Nutritionist and Life Coach.

             "Meredith has done an excellent job as an instructor and is an asset to our school. She has superior verbal communications skills and is extremely organized.

Meredith is always willing to offer her assistance and has amazing rapport with the students, employers and other professional organizations. She has changed many through her nutritional, emotional and spiritual expertise. We are privileged to have her on staff."

Leslie Gould
CSNN Richmond Hill Branch Manager



Your journey to a whole new level of overall health begins here.

"Since the first day dawned, it has been the prerogative of parents to investigate necessary change to ensure their children's welfare. It has been almost entirely due to this that the human race has continued to advance."

Belinda Barnes & Suzanne Gail Bradley,
Planning for a Healthy Baby

2018 Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award for Nutrition
2018 Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award for Nutrition

Canadian Lifetime Achievement

Meredith Deasley was awarded the Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award in Nutrition during the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference in May of 2018.

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"The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Spiritual Vitality"

This final book of The Resourceful Mother's health trilogy is her best yet, hands down. Once again, Meredith's breadth of knowledge, fascinating stories and down-to-earth writing style demystify another key component of great health - modern day spirituality.

"The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids"

The first comprehensive layman's guide to having healthy children! It provides revolutionary insights into many common health challenges in today's world...

"The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Emotional Health"

A fascinating guide, detailing information gathered from expert resources and Meredith's own experiences to help others release their unhealthy patterns and become emotionally strong...


A practical, uncomplicated guide to improving your family's emotional and physical health, and having the happiest, healthiest family possible

Learn more about the inspiration behind The Resourceful Mother

Meredith's girls, Taylor and Paige, have always been her inspiration and the reason she has set out to learn everything under the sun about having healthy, happy families. Learn more about The Resourceful Mother.