The Weight Loss Mindset Retreat

Nov 25 – 27, 2022, in Collingwood, Ontario

...a weekend retreat for holistically minded women, who are truly ready to lose weight and keep it off.

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How many times have you lost weight but simply gained it back? How many times have you followed a specific way of eating – maybe for weeks or months - but been unable to continue eating that number of calories or those particular foods? How often do you find yourself emotionally eating?

Most weight loss programs don’t teach MINDSET or proper NUTRITION. This weight loss retreat will teach you BOTH – MINDSET and NUTRITION! And there is no counting of calories involved!

This retreat is designed to:

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  1. Make you aware of the subconscious thoughts that are driving you to eat the wrong foods or too much.
  2. Teach you how to make changes in your life, so that you respect yourself more than ever before, which in turn, encourages you to make the right choices when it comes to food.
  3. Demonstrate how to eat intuitively and mindfully, while having an idea of portion sizes and frequency of meal/liquid consumption.
  4. Show you the nutritional deficiencies and emotions that lead to various food cravings i.e. we crave coffee when we worry about money or are not passionate about what we are doing.
  5. Explain how to identify and manage the food sensitivities that might be contributing to your weight gain i.e. if you are sensitive to wheat, you can gain a lot of weight from bloating.
  6. Describe how to know when to cleanse (colon, candida, parasite, and liver) and how to do it.
  7. Show you how to recognize the symptoms of hypothyroidism and support your thyroid.
  8. Fill you with the love and support of other women, who are also struggling to lose weight.
  9. Provide you with lots of time for introspection, as well as, FUN!
  10. Give you the most beautiful accommodations you have likely ever seen (I am not kidding)!
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In Addition, You Will Receive...

  • 11 hours of seminars, life coaching, nutritional counselling and meditations
  • 2 nights of accommodations in the most beautifully decorated boutique hotel I have ever seen
  • All your meals paid for - 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners, one catered and infused with music
  • Time at the labyrinth, arboretum, by the water and the Village at Blue
  • Limited edition, signed copies of Meredith’s trilogy (nutritional, emotional and spiritual healing)
  • Meredith’s ‘Soul Journaling for Transformation’ digital journal
  • The chance to win a prize!

The Cost of the Retreat

$1300 plus tax for an all-inclusive weekend in your own private room with an ensuite at 11 Rooms.


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Please commit to attending by October 25th and put down a deposit of 50% at the time you book.

Payment in full is required by November 10th.

If you cancel within 2 weeks of the retreat, you can sign up for Meredith’s next retreat or forfeit your 50% deposit.

Your Host

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Meredith Deasley BA, RHN, RNCP, ACC has connected individuals, families and entrepreneurs to health and happiness through her business, The Resourceful Mother, for twenty years, as of this fall. After holding managerial positions in the corporate world for a decade, she gave birth to her two daughters, who propelled her into becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Accredited Life Coach and Spiritual Vitality expert. She taught a number of subjects at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) over the course of ten years and received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Nutrition across Canada. She wrote and published three books that help people physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has been a speaker at conferences & ceremonies and been featured in magazines, shows and podcasts.

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