Secrets To Emotional Health


Just as Meredith's first book, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids, set a high standard in helping families raise the healthiest child possible physically, this book explains everything a parent needs to know to raise the healthiest child possible emotionally.

It all starts with you, the parent, and your own emotional health. Meredith shows how we can come to understand ourselves and our past to ensure a healthier today for us and our children. She clearly explains how our emotional pain manifests itself in our appearance, behaviours and physical health. Most importantly, she teaches us how to heal by parenting ourselves and coming to love all parts of ourselves. With her emotional healing tools, we transform ourselves into the most confident, loving, positive people – and parents – we can be.

But The Resourceful Mother doesn't stop there. Her book goes on to explain how to truly understand our children, prevent emotional blocks by teaching them healthy ways to release their negative emotions, speak their truth, set boundaries, avoid taking things personally, live with integrity, become emotionally strong and much more. This book is not just for the parents who want to raise the happiest children possible; it is for all adults who want to parent the way they wish they had been parented. This book is for everyone who wants to learn how to look at life through the lens of their heart.


Brandon Bays,

Internationally Bestselling Author of The Journey and The Journey for Kids and world-renowned teacher in the field of mind-body healing

"In this practical book, packed with tips to help you uncover and clear what holds you back, Meredith shares her own life's journey of healing and coming to wholeness. She shows the reader how to reflect on their own lives and turn the spotlight inside to find the truth of what is driving their own games."

Niki Brinton

"Just finished reading 'The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Emotional Health'. THERE IS NO FLUFF in this book!!! It is filled with helpful information and tools for healing, yet it is crazy simple to read. It had a real honest edge to it because Meredith shared so much of her personal healing. I am now aware of my unhealthy patterns and know exactly what to do to correct them. This book changed my life and it will change yours too!! Thank you, Meredith!!"

Jen P.

"We had an awesome summer and school has been wonderful; I can't remember the last time I could say that. I got my head in such a better place and I got my son back...I am crying thinking of how much better our lives are now...I owe you the world."

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