Physical & Emotional Well Being Packages


The ADD Package

The Resourceful Mother has improved the health of every child with ADD that has followed her protocol.

Food Sensitivity Testing – Certain foods cause or worsen symptoms of ADD

2 Nutritional Consultations - Learn how to heal your child’s intestine, the brands and dosages of the minerals your child needs and how to cleanse their body of toxicity

1 copy of her book, The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Healthy Kids” that explains everything in more detail

1 session on the Amethyst Bio-mat


The Slimmer Lifestyle Package

We all know that diets don’t work. Healthier living needs to become a lifestyle.  And every child and adult has unique needs in order to remain or become slim.  Here is how to determine your individualized needs:

Food Sensitivity Testing – If one is sensitive to wheat, for example, there is no telling how much weight will be retained due to the inflammation caused by this food

Life Coaching Session – This will determine what is causing an individual to sabotage themselves, protect themselves or even crave certain foods, just to give a few examples

2 Nutritional Consultations – Learn how to heal the intestine so all minerals and vitamins can be better absorbed, the brands and dosages of the nutrients needed, the timing of eating different foods for optimal digestion, just to give some examples

1 copy of each of Meredith’s books – one on physical health and one on emotional health


Unleashing Your Greatest Potential Package

We are all healthy, beautiful people capable of accomplishing greatness here on earth.  But most of us consciously or subconsciously sabotage ourselves in one way or another.

Nutritional Consultation – You will learn the exact methods to regain your optimal physical health, tailored to your individualized needs

4 Life Coaching Sessions – Meredith will help you process your past, clear your emotional blocks and incorrect belief systems and become at peace in your current life.  You will then determine and take the exact steps needed to maximize your potential and feel joy every single day of your life

1 copy of each of Meredith’s books – one on physical health and one on emotional health


The Relationship Building Package (for 2 people)

If a couple or parent & child (no matter the age) truly want to improve their relationship, Meredith has full-proof methods for helping you accomplish this. This package includes:

2 Life Coaching sessions, one for each individual – In this session, you are encouraged to express and release your anger and then see your relationship with new perspective

2 Life Coaching sessions with both individuals in attendance – In these sessions, each of you takes turns choosing topics/conflicts that you want to resolve.  You are taught to discuss your feelings from your hearts, not your heads, which lowers all defenses.  One to five challenges can be resolved within an hour session


In just three short months, Meredith has helped to majorly improve my self-esteem and unleash my internal motivational power. She has guided me to give myself permission to see and feel how great and fabulous I am. Through her skillful communication and ability to truly understand my difficulties in life, she brought clarity to my past and re-directed my attention towards practical solutions on how my children and I can make the best out of all that life has thrown at us.

Through years of being a counselor myself, healers share one trait: the willingness and heartfelt passion to thoroughly support others in every area of their lives. Using the dynamic combination of her Secrets to Emotional Health book, hair analysis, nutritional consultations, along with her personalized one-on-one life coaching, Meredith has helped me heal from the inside out. The only regret you will have is not working with Meredith sooner! Through the development of personal affirmations with Meredith, you will see that you are meant to shine as children do!

Carla Villalta