The Resourceful Mother’s Affiliates and Recommended Services

The Resourceful Mother is continually probing for new resources, to help you nurture healthy, energetic family members. Meredith knows each of these companies well and has personally experienced the majority of them.

The Resourceful Mother endorses the following businesses:

Meredith Deasley

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Family Nutritionist, and Life Coach.

Turning Point Media

Teresa Kruze interviewed Meredith for her national newspaper called Metro and featured her on her show called Turning Point as one of Canada's inspiring people.

Annette Nolan

Annette Nolan is the beautiful soul who taught Meredith The Journey™ work. She operates the incredible healing centre It's All About You and has been using the journey work for over a decade in helping individuals remove their emotional blocks and physical challenges.

Better Baby Bums

An innovative environmentally friendly company that provides beautiful, useful and safe products for babies.

Humanitas EAP

Humanitas EAP specializes in the delivery of the best Employee Assistance Services for many of Canada’s top 100 corporations. Meredith is the Registered Holistic Nutritionist that helps their employees get their health back on track.

Life with a Baby

Life with a Baby is a network of moms who help each other by sharing experiences, activities, and information in raising today's children. They meet at the Early Years Centre in Newmarket and other locations in the GTA and there is no charge to participate. Meredith is honoured to be asked to speak at the Life with a Baby meetings regularly.


Jill Hewlett

The host of former "Body Mind Spirit show" on Aurora cable TV (where The Resourceful Mother was featured), a dynamic and knowledgeable Brain Gym Instructor and Personal Coach.

Resource Guide for Parents

A comprehensive directory for families with children under the age of 14 in York Region.

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and incredible Classical Homeopath that has helped my closest friends and many of my clients overcome health challenges of all kinds. Nutrition, used in conjunction with homeopathy, is one of the most powerful duos.

Maxi Mind Learning Centres, Inc.

Hundreds of children (and adults) have benefited from Maxi Mind’s unique and effective Brain Training System.

Mark Levine

Mark Levine is an accomplished Cranial Sacral Therapist who has successfully managed Meredith's children's symptoms each and every time.

Nicholas Mazzoli

Nicholas is a talented homeopath who simplifies the complex world of homeopathy. He would be an excellent choice for anyone needing healing but particularly helpful to those who are unsure or new to homeopathic remedies. He works at Nature's Emporium on Thursdays.

Allergic Solution

One of my good nutritionist friends developed and sells these delicious, natural mixes eg. waffles, pancakes, bread that are devoid of gluten and allergens and are low in sugar.

For The Love Of Family

Denise Martin's company, For the Love of The Family, offers birth and postpartum Doula services, pre and postnatal education and breastfeeding support.

Asha Frost

As a member of the Chippewas, Asha continues to follow the path of her elders and their teachings of a traditional and spiritual way of life. She is a homeopath, who is currently studying shamanic healing practices. Asha's gentle spirit and ability to heal has been an asset to families for many years now.

Massage For Mommies

Suzanne Glover is a Registered Massage Therapist in Aurora who offers massage for mothers in particular. She even provides the childcare so that your child can be cared for while you receive the benefits of massage.


Nicole Meltzer

Nicole is the co-founder of Balanced Body Mind Spirit and helps couples conceive and achieve balance while entering parenthood. She is a Massage Therapist (RMT), Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master – a wonderful contact!

Magnificent Creations

Susan Howson, the owner of this company, is the beautiful woman who created and teaches the Kids Coaching Connection program (ICF approved). Meredith graduated from her program, as a kids life coach, and has helped countless children tap into their true selves once again.

Agora Regeneration Clinics Ltd

Learn what Meredith's mother has created, Canada's first all natural drug and alcohol detox centre.

Deni Photography

Denitza really has an eye for photography and is a pro at taking pictures of children on the go!

Dr. Christopher Tsang

This holistic dentistry office in Aurora has cared for Meredith's family for over 15 years.

Dr. Philip Mensour

Dr. Phil produces incredulous results in just one session. He is adept at helping the body heal from injuries or recover from long term health challenges. He has helped and continues to help our family time and time again.

Catherine Capek

Catherine took the incredible pictures of Meredith in her turquoise tank top and green jacket, one of which is on the back cover of her book.

Catch the Spirit Photos

Rhonda McNeil is an amazing, high definition photographer and is adept at taking shots of children at just the right moment. She also is a Creative Memories Consultant for any of you scrapbookers!

The Laundry Tarts

Michelle Waithe, eco-coach and owner of The Laundry Tarts that sells all natural detergents that smell like dessert flavours and contain essential oils.

Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong has many talents but in the last few years, she has made the biggest impact with her Biophoton Light Therapy. This incredible machine provides individuals with information as to which organs and systems are out of balance in their body and then corrects them using homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower remedies, programmed directly into the system. Every member of Meredith’s family has benefited from Karen’s services.

Take advantage of our network of specialists: If you are seeking a type of family resource that is not listed above, Contact Us and we will try to connect you with the best provider for this service.