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Please contact Meredith to purchase the video of this seminar.

Please contact Meredith to purchase the video of this seminar.

Please contact Meredith to purchase the video of this seminar.

Please contact Meredith to purchase the video of this seminar.


Testimonials for Meredith’s Seminars and Online workshops

Karen Porter

"I had the pleasure of attending Meredith Deasley's workshop - Knowing Your Worth and it was awesome! There were so many insightful tips. Meredith helps us bring awareness to our thoughts and explains where our incorrect beliefs come from. Her teachings, as well as the meditations she does during the workshop, are amazing at helping us reframe our thoughts into ones that are more beneficial. She even teaches us how to deal with the anger we have for others and shows us how to reposition that. She helps us forgive ourselves and others. She has a new and fresh approach to making us feel lighter in our mind and spirit! We can all benefit from working on 'knowing our worth'. Thank you Meredith for putting such a great workshop together and delivering it in such a meaningful way! "

Ron Venning

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last week. What an inspiring speaker you are - you laid your heart out for all to see and appreciate. You obviously have done considerable training in a wide variety of somewhat connected disciplines: holistic nutrition, spirituality, and psychology, to name a few. But what I enjoyed the most was your personal warmth and style as you presented your material. I purchased two of your books, started reading one of them and was again impressed with your easy-to-read writing style and down-to-earth, open-hearted honesty.

Well done! Thank you and I hope to meet again."

Anonymous –

"Thank you very much for a most informative and inspiring afternoon. I took a lot home to process. You gave me a much better understanding of the issues I’m dealing with, as well as, a new approach to finally moving forward. With my three goals in place and my spiritual guide (who ended up having the most interesting and unusual name!) to help me along the way, I know that these will be realized sometime in the future.

In gratitude, love and light."

Rachel and Michael Knight

"We would like to thank you so much for sharing so authentically with us during your seminar. We found your suggestions and real-life anecdotes incredibly inspiring and helpful. You seem to have a knack for easily reaching into the heart of the human condition and can speak about topics such as pain, forgiveness, life goals, loving oneself, etc., with such clarity and understanding. We are working to put into practice what we learned from you. You certainly are a resourceful mother, and much, much more!"

Negin Motamed

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful seminar last week; I enjoyed it a lot. It was a very educational session. For me, personally, it was very fruitful to know certain aspects of my personality better. You are a very good coach and are very successful in engaging the audience. I shared my thoughts with nine friends of mine and they are aiming to attend your session at Nature’s Emporium. I wish you more success and internal fulfillment as you go forward in your path of helping other people to find about themselves.
Love & Light."

Pat Ashby

"Meredith did an amazing job of not only teaching from her years of personal experiences and research but she also had us do simple, very short exercises after each section of her talk to have us consider how the information she had just shared would help each of us in our own personal lives. As we followed along in the process of maximizing our soul’s growth, which she clearly outlined, we were given the tools needed to bring an end to our struggles. She taught us exactly how to forgive others (including what this actually means!) and ourselves, move on from hurtful experiences and understand whatever is preventing us from accomplishing our goals and dreams. She is a marvelous speaker and holds her audience captive throughout - the two hours flew by! I would not hesitate to invite people to attend this very powerful FREE workshop! Everyone will leave with new eyes and a vibrating heart!"