Corporate Seminars


All keynote topics can be customized to meet the needs of your organization or conference.

De-stress, Re-energize and THRIVE Like Never Before! - Examine the surprising foods that zap our energy and the foods, supplements and thoughts that invigorate us.  Our thoughts determine our reality so a large emphasis is placed on three methods for thinking healthily.

The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Career Life Balance – Too many employees are burning out, trying to keep their bosses, as well as their families happy. Learn the foods and supplements needed to maintain good moods, high productivity levels and clear thought at both work and home.  Then, learn the 10 secrets to managing your time effectively.

Our Bodies Are Not Mysteries - Understand the messages that sickness, cravings and behaviour patterns are trying to convey.  Each sickness has a connection to our emotions – when our knees hurt us, we are are not knowing how to move forward with our lives. When we drink piles of coffee, we are worrying about making enough money!  Our unhealthy patterns tell us the areas of ourselves that need healing. Learn the fascinating connections!

The Ultimate Secret to Euphoric Health -We need to learn to have a love affair with ourselves. Learn how to stop sabotaging ourselves and give ourselves the love and respect we've always desired. Once we come to respect ourselves, we can reach maximum productivity, assert ourselves, and no longer take things personally at the office. One of the steps to coming to embracing self-confidence can be as simple as acting with integrity; there are many more.

Understanding the Impact of Food on Your Body - The choices we make concerning what we eat affect every single area of our lives. They affect how we feel, how much energy, strength and brain power we have, how we look and whether we will age with vitality or not. Learn the two biggest culprit foods for symptoms, conditions and disease and the three supplements that offer the most protection for our overall health.

Rescue for Briefcase Parents - "Help! I'm working all day and I have a family at home to feed! How do I prepare meals quickly and still ensure we receive the nutrients they need?" Does this sound like you? Learn about easy, delicious, healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how much each family member needs to eat each day (weekly meal plan provided), how to prevent illness and which supplements are required by children and adults alike.

Meredith offers ‘lunch and learns’, 2 hour seminars, all day seminars and seminar series to corporations.