Life Coaching For Individuals

Meredith is a Certified Life Coach (Associate Certified Coach (ACC)) for adults and children though the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is the only globally recognized life coaching designation. Her training through Kids Coaching Connection is the only training offered by the ICF in coaching families.

Kids Coaching Connection is an internationally renowned and award-winning program for its positive impact on families. Meredith's role as a Kids Coaching Connection coach is to help all individuals deepen their relationships with themselves and others so that they find life to be a truly rewarding experience.

"Research has shown that the present generation of kids worldwide is demonstrating more emotional needs than the last. Recreational and educational programs and families are recognizing that kids are more angry and unruly, more lonely and depressed, more impulsive and aggressive, more stressed and nervous.

A survey by the International Coaching Federation reports that people who have a coach show greater success at setting and achieving goals, increased self-awareness, and lowered stress levels. Increased self-awareness often results from examining one's emotions, behaviours, values and life purpose. This self-awareness helps when making decisions and when having to take action. Self-awareness is one of the foundational requirements of emotional intelligence and is a strong component in academic success."

– Susan Howson, Kids Coaching Connection Founder and Finalist for Coach of the Year

It was helping a teen turn his life around that inspired Meredith to receive formal training in life coaching. This 19 year old had lived in his parents' basement for five years, was on three major drugs for depression and anxiety and had not obtained his driver's license or completed high school. Today, he is fully functioning, happy and attends Georgian College, where he is learning how to help others overcome depression.

Children or teens undergoing a major life change or experiencing depression, anxiety, moodiness, ADD, fear, anger, social/relationship challenges, and behavioural challenges can particularly benefit from life coaching. The Kids Coaching Connection philosophy is that all children are perfect, whole, complete, creative, resourceful and knowing. There is nothing about a child that is broken or needs fixing. As coach, Meredith asks the questions and the child has the answers. Meredith's job is to ensure that each child with whom she meets feels safe, supported, empowered and eventually able to see things from a different point of view, knowing that the circumstances of our lives are all opportunities to learn and grow.

"Being seen and heard is so important to kids. To be totally ourselves and fully expressed without the risk of judgment is one of the greatest gifts we as coaches give to the kids we are working with and to everyone we encounter."

– Susan Howson, Kids Coaching Connection Founder and Finalist for Coach of the Year

Meredith helps parents and children understand one another like never before. Her ability to connect family members and improve their relationships is one of her greatest skills. She also meets with individuals, who do not have children, who want to maximize their potential and feel joy every single day of their lives.

Here are some of the coaching tools that Meredith uses to increase the awareness and emotional expression of each individual:

The Wheel of Life – Helps obtain a snapshot of how each individual feels about different aspects of their life

Love Languages – Understanding the way each individual feels most loved and appreciated is key to building the strongest relationships

Powerful Questions – Asking questions can bring individuals to deeper awareness e.g. 'What do you want?' 'What is/is not working for you?' 'Where are you too hard on yourself?' 'What seems to be stopping you?' 'What are you willing to change?' 'You think or you know?'

Taming the Troll – Discovering and taming any trolls that are keeping individuals from moving forward helps them get what they want from life

Manifest Your Magnificence cards – A unique set of cards that connects individuals to their true being. See

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Elizabeth Scarcella

“Just had an amazing life coaching session with Meredith! Seriously can’t believe what we accomplished in 90 minutes. She totally helped me unravel the “not trusting myself” block. And we worked on ways to lovingly co-exist with my soon-to-be-ex-husband ;). We also talked about ways I’ve already demonstrated being a leader in my life, so I have no reason to fear leading again. And finally, we discussed how I can forgive myself for taking over ten years to start my online business. I feel so resolved in all areas of my life. It’s crazy good! Just thought I would share as you, too, might have some blocks Meredith can help you clear. ”

Susan Surtees

“I have known Meredith for 17 years and have watched her grow into an inspiring life coach, nutritionist, author and speaker. Meredith has assisted me through many challenges in my own life, and has helped me to grow and thrive. I always feel positive and happy in her presence and ready to take on the world! Meredith is truly a bright light in this world, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance through life’s struggles, or to simply grow and develop more as a person. ”


“I wanted to say thank you so much for the work and kindness you have extended to Emily. Every time she meets with you she says you make her feel so good. She absolutely adores you and you have really motivated her and given her a lot of self confidence. She thinks what you say is gold! Thank you so much again for making a difference with her. As a mother, you would certainly appreciate how irreplaceable it is to have someone who impacts your child so positively. So, thank you! It’s wonderful when such a positive person can share her thoughts and perspective with others.”

Leslie Hall

"Meredith, you have truly found your calling! I was so hesitant to explore this process, but you made me feel at ease throughout and really helped ME discover what is holding me back in life. I truly feel that I now have the tools I need to drop old belief systems, change my thinking and make small changes that will significantly impact my life."


"I'll start off first by saying that I knew before I had the first (and only) session with Meredith, that she was the one who I needed to go to. I guess I just knew instinctively that she could help me, but I had never been helped by anyone who completely "got me" and who was able to piece my life together in a way that made complete sense within an hour. I'm not a parent, nor do I have any dealings at all with children and yet Meredith was able to help me re-connect with the inner kid in me that I had unknowingly neglected for so long. Words cannot express what that has meant and will always mean to me. Meredith, Thank you, God Bless you and don't ever stop being YOU!!! You're the best!!"

Jen P.

"We had an awesome summer and school has been wonderful; I can't remember the last time I could say that. I got my head in such a better place and I got my son back....I am crying thinking of how much better our lives are now....I owe you the world."

Elise P.

"My daughter had been angry since her father and I split up three years ago. Despite all of our efforts, nothing could bring her comfort or peace. Something always seemed to be bothering her. She had carried a chip on her shoulder and was bitter. There were moments when we saw happiness in her but somehow they seemed short lived. It was a very difficult thing to watch. I felt so much sadness over this and was beside myself with guilt."

"My former husband had heard about Meredith through a friend who praised her highly. Although my daughter thought all counsellors, therapists and life coaches were a fraud and were "only in it for the money" she did agree to speak with Meredith. After only her second session with Meredith, my daughter became someone different. She asked me to hug her as she cried. I asked her if she was okay. She answered with, 'I'm better than okay. I don't know what she did but things are going to be different around here."

"Thank you, Meredith for bringing my child back to me, for giving her hope, a purpose, and for showing her how to let go of her sadness. My child has blossomed before my eyes over night. Even her manners have come back! We just played a game of scrabble (which she won), we went for coffee today and had many great conversations, and she is currently working out in the basement while listening to 'I'm a survivor'. I cannot say thank you enough to Meredith!"