Nutrition Seminars For Parents

Meredith offers numerous seminars, upon request. 


The choices you make concerning what you eat affect every single area of your life. It affects how you feel, how much energy, strength and brain power you have, how you look and whether you will age with vitality or not.

Join us and learn:

  • How the body communicates with our minds
  • The two biggest culprit foods for symptoms, conditions and disease
  • Why peanuts are causing life-threatening reactions
  • The one supplement that offers the most protection for your overall health



Come learn how to introduce solids to your baby in a different way. This method, endorsed by natural health centers across York Region, maximizes digestion, minimizes the onset of allergies and gives your child a healthy start! This comprehensive seminar will help you discover:

  • How to cook, freeze and reheat your own baby food
  • How to make quick, fun, and nutritious children's meals
  • Alternatives to common foods which are healthier for your baby
  • Whether to supplement with vitamins or not

You will learn how to introduce the following foods to your child:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts & seeds
  • The healthiest grains
  • Fish/meat/poultry
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Legumes

How you feed your baby is the most important indicator of their health and happiness.

Mothers, who do not plan to make baby food but would like to learn how to feed their babies solids, are also welcome!


Feeding toddlers can be challenging. They are often picky eaters, they seem stuck on one food at a time, and they often don't seem to eat very much! Many parents worry that their toddler isn't getting all the nutrients they need to support their active bodies. Some foods are better than others, but which ones?

You can't force your child to eat, but you can make life a little easier by buying the right food, preparing it nutritiously and serving it creatively. Terrific Toddlers! will take the guesswork out of feeding your child.

Join us and learn:

  • Which foods pack the biggest nutritional punch for your toddler
  • How to help build and support your child's immune system
  • Which foods are nutrient robbers and provide empty calories
  • How to work with your child's growing independence (e.g. picky eaters)
  • Ways to make great tasting, healthy & interesting meals for your child
  • How to feed your child in order to prevent and treat various ailments (e.g. gas, tummy ache, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, ear infections, colds, poor sleeping, and more).

How you feed your toddler is the most important indicator of their health and happiness.


The choices you make concerning what you feed your children will affect every single area of their lives. It will affect how they feel, how much energy, strength and brain power they will have, how they look and whether they will age with vitality or not.

Children of this age are growing, exercising their independence and are often wanting to follow their peers. How can you provide your child with healthy food options without causing your child to rebel? Smart Eating For A Healthier Child will take the guesswork out of feeding your child for optimal health.

Join us and learn:

  • Which foods are the biggest culprits for food sensitivities and allergies
  • The healthier alternatives and how much of each food a child needs
  • How to help your child eat healthy despite his or her growing independence (e.g. friends houses, summer camp etc)
  • Ways to make great tasting and nutrient-rich meals for your child
  • Which supplements are required by children of this age
  • How to slowly integrate healthier eating into your family's lifestyle

How you feed your toddler is the most important indicator of their health and happiness.  


Are you or your friends concerned about:

  • Pimples or acne
  • Weight
  • PMS
  • Constipation or bloating
  • Concentrating at school

You don't need to put up with these problems just because you're a teen! Nutrition has the solutions – they are unique and they work. The Resourceful Mother will show you that:

  1. You are what you eat.
  2. You can determine the real problem behind weight gain, acne and PMS and use food as part of the solution.
  3. Some foods are better than others when it comes to healthy hair, clean skin, more energy and feeling better about yourself!
  4. Smoking, drugs and alcohol take vitamins away from your body. Learn why these are more harmful than you think.
  5. You can create your own healthy, well-balanced snacks and "The Resourceful Mother" will give you hands on training.

Even by implementing a few of the ideas you'll learn at this seminar, your body will thank you! Dare to be different.


There is so much focus on raising healthy children but what about you, their parent? If you are not healthy or feeling energetic, how are you going to be the best for yourself and your child?

Come and learn:

  • Which foods are the biggest drain on your energy levels
  • How to avoid cravings for dairy, starch and sugar
  • Which foods will build your energy stores
  • Other strategies for building your energy levels, regulating your moods and improving your overall health, i.e. alternative care, supplements, healthy drinks, recommended books, and proven methods employed by other parent

How you take care of yourself is one of the most important indicators of your child's health and happiness. Come learn how to set the best example for your child!


Let's face it! Life is busy. We want to feed our children without devoting hours in the kitchen to cooking. Let The Resourceful Mother show you how to feed your child the healthiest meals and snacks with the least amount of effort!

Come and learn:

  • Which foods your child needs each day, including serving sizes (weekly meal plans will also be provided)
  • Which vitamins your child needs each day and why
  • Where to buy HEALTHY and FAST food to keep on hand in your home at all times – you will be invited to sample the foods!

This is not a seminar for everyone. Some mothers want to make fresh, homemade meals daily – this seminar is NOT for you. Meredith will be showing parents the healthiest of the packaged foods available to us today.

How you feed your child is one of the most important indicators of your child's health and happiness.



The Indigo children are here to usher in the New Age of Peace.... Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

The Crystal children follow the cleared path into a safer and more secure world.... Doreen Virtue

It's our spiritual duty to help this new generation of Indigo and Crystal children receive the highest life-force energy possible so that they can fulfil their divine purpose.

Join us and learn how to create an effective diet, based on the needs of the sensitive bodies of this new generation, using:

Whole, fresh, quality foods
A more vegetarian approach to eating; we'll describe how to make a complete protein with each meal
Foods that are easily digested; we'll even show you how to maximize digestion of foods that are harder to digest
Indigo children sometimes exhibit ADD or ADHD behaviours such as disorganization, hyperactivity or impulsivity. Crystal children can be diagnosed with Autism when they take longer to start speaking, have speech impediments or are seen as living in their own worlds. "The Resourceful Mother" will share with you, the foods that cause or worsen symptoms of ADD/ADHD and Autism.

Indigo and Crystal children were sent to this earth for the express purpose of cleaning up our planet, both environmentally and socially. They are "natural children in an unnatural world". Our duty as adults is to be aware of these facts and teach our children protection and healing techniques so they can not only survive but also thrive, while fulfilling their purpose.


Wendy Caldwell

"This course gave me the confidence to feed my baby in a natural, nutritious way.

Jill Donahue

"I didn't realize how simple it is to make such a difference in my child's health."

Kristen Verschoor-Owens

"I learned more in this 2 hour seminar than any book has ever taught me."

Jennifer Montoni

"After hearing from doctors that both of my children's stomach problems could only be corrected with surgery, we were devastated. Meredith's knowledge has helped us discover methods for controlling their food sensitivities and has helped eliminate the adverse symptoms in a natural, non-intrusive way. It has made all the difference in our lives."

Jodi Labelle

"After years of dealing with my children's moodiness, stomach aches and runny noses, Meredith led me to the experts who helped me come to understand the root causes behind the discomfort my children were experiencing. Now life is so much easier for my whole family."

Jacquie Foran

"As a working mom, learning that my son had many food sensitivities was overwhelming and I did not know where to begin. Meredith worked closely with me, sharing her knowledge and her own experiences. As a result, I am thrilled to tell you that my son no longer suffers; his rotation diet has eliminated most of his food sensitivities!"

Emma Hayden

"My child finally sleeps through the night! With the use of books, articles and personal accounts, Meredith explained how chiropractors, cranial osteopaths and classical homeopaths could help my daughter. Most importantly, she alleviated my fears about seeking non-traditional help. She is a fantastic link between the natural world and the world of parenting."

Franca Impastato

"When I first met Meredith, my son was only 5 months old and he had already been hospitalized 3 times. Each time, the diagnosis was a virus. I didn't know what to do; he also had colic and was a fussy child. Meredith opened my eyes and many doors for my family and me. I learned that my son was actually having severe reactions to foods that he was eating (rice and oat cereals). If it were not for Meredith, I don't know what my son's health would be like today. I don't know how to thank her for all the phone calls and everything she has done for me."

Mike Gentile

"Good morning, Meredith – hope you are well. Just an update that Georgia's skin (eczema) is doing terrific and her eating and sleeping has drastically improved. Many thanks! You have had a great impact on her."

Courtney Kada

"I wanted to share with you that within 3 days of making the dietary changes that you recommended the eczema on my son’s face cleared up! We'd been fighting this patch since before Christmas with creams and antibiotics and nothing had worked. Not only is his rash gone he rarely has temper tantrums any more (previously he was having numerous every day). Also, for the first time he is now having solid bowel movements! I can’t thank you enough!"

Anonymous – This Mother never told her daughter that she once had Autism.

“Six years ago, I was a desperate mom, looking for a way to help my child, who was diagnosed with Autism. She was non-verbal with repetitive movements, no eye contact and very irregular bowel movements. She had her fixed routine and anything outside that would make her so angry that she would bang her head on the floor. I didn’t know what to do or where to begin. I was looking everywhere...the internet, doctors, and therapists but I couldn’t find anything. Her pediatrician told me “She may never talk again; she may never attend mainstream school...don’t waste your time looking for answers!” But I didn’t give up. If I heard that one supplement helped a kid, I did anything to get my hands on it for her. But it was not enough. Until one day when I visited our local health store was like a magic force was pulling me towards their bookshelves and I found the book, “The resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Healthy Kids”. Meredith held my hand through her book and guided me step by step as to what to do and what not to do. Within 2 weeks, my daughter’s bowel movements improved and with that, her behavior got better. Within a couple of months, she started to use words and make eye contact. Fast forward to today, the girl who was supposed to remain non-verbal is speaking 3 languages fluently, has many friends at school and her level of reading and writing is 4 years ahead of her peers. Without Meredith’s book, I was a clueless mom and only God knows where my daughter would be. There are no words to express my gratitude to Meredith for sharing her knowledge and writing so clearly and simply that a mom with no nutrition or medical background could understand and follow her advice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Anonymous – This Mother never told her daughter that she once had Autism."