Emotional Health Seminars


The Resourceful Mother chooses from the following topics for her seminars:

  • Why our parents or others hurt us
  • How our pain manifests in unhealthy beliefs or patterns
  • Starting the healing process by getting to know our feelings and emotions
  • Using healing tools to release the past and see our parents, others, and our lives with new perspective
  • How to parent ourselves by coming to love ourselves
  • What does coming to love ourselves look and feel like?
  • Techniques for understanding and strengthening our relationships
  • A new way of parenting our children through the lens of the heart i.e. what would love do?
  • How to raise emotionally healthy and happy children
  • Help is out there – alternative therapies that can hasten the healing process for families i.e. homeopathy, flower remedies, light therapy, The Journey.

All my love, ALWAYS ~J

"I cannot say enough about all that Meredith has, and continues today to teach me (that she isn't even aware of). Her positive vibe is infectious and being in her presence makes it impossible to leave any conversation without having a smile on your face and feeling better afterward. She has a way to bring out the best in each and everyone and I hope everyone at some point in their lives gets to meet her and work with her. Meredith is and will always be one of the greatest mentors and teachers I have ever had. Her second book "The Secrets to Emotional Health" I will cherish for the rest of my life!! It's ALL about Self Love!!! -- Meredith, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for being YOU, for believing in me and mostly for teaching me HOW to be the kind of person that I never knew I could be!!!"

Nancy Morency

"A good teacher demonstrates qualities such as compassion, creativity and dedication. They must be engaging, inspirational and kind. Meredith exemplifies all of these qualities. She is a joyful spirit that inspires her students with her passion and knowledge. She is truly a gifted teacher."