Secrets To Healthy Kids


Does your child experience colic, eczema, chronic congestion, constipation, multiple ear infections, behavioural challenges, poor sleeping habits, obesity, ADD, Autism or any other health challenge?

The Resourceful Mother, Meredith Deasley, will help you understand exactly what you need to know in order to raise the healthiest child possible. She is a Pediatric Nutritionist that has been providing natural, easy to understand and implement, time-proven nutritional information to parents for the past decade. Meredith helps parents make responsible decisions for their child's health by examining the hidden epidemic of children reacting to food.

In her breakout book, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids, Meredith guides parents through the maze of conflicting information surrounding food sensitivities and allergies, providing them with the tools they need by:

Teaching how to prevent, detect, manage and eliminate reactions to food

Identifying which foods are the main culprits for symptoms, conditions and disease

Sharing fast, healthy, non-allergenic and scrumptious meal ideas and recipes

Explaining which foods and supplements every child needs and why

Uncovering how holistic practitioners & remedies can help your child


Brenda Glashan,

Principal of Aurora Montessori School, mother, and grandmother.

"Meredith has guided so many of our families to optimum health through proper nutrition. We cannot thank her enough!"

Kim Hewitt

"Your book speaks ENGLISH – now I understand more about food's impact than all of my years of study. And thank you for sharing your most vulnerable moments, prior to making each discovery."

Richard Em

"Finding you has been one of my most significant discoveries. Thank you for turning your challenges into help for other parents."

Jessika Fiorillo

"Dr. Rona's book came to you when you needed it most...that is YOUR book for me. I admire your determination, your attitude and the loving strength that you have for your children and their health. You have been a role model for me. Thank you. Your book is a gift to all of us Resourceful Mothers in training."

Laurie Francis

"I started reading your book tonight and could not put it down. I'm already halfway through. You've done a fantastic job and written it in easy to read, everyday language. You impart your knowledge in such an interesting way. The whole book is laid out very logically and each chapter flows naturally into the next one. I really like the summary at the end of each chapter. I find myself wanting to read more and more just for the enjoyment of reading. Well done, Meredith!"

Diane Murphy

"Your first book is a big part of our kitchen. The pages are worn now and splattered with ingredients but the kids and I love the recipes! Can't wait to read your latest book!"

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If you would prefer to purchase this book in person, the purchase price is $20 (Cdn), and Meredith will be happy to sign it for you.

If you would prefer to purchase this book in person, the purchase price is $20 (Cdn), and Meredith will be happy to sign it for you.

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The Resourceful Mother's book on physical healing and nutrition is available in CD format so that you have the convenience of listening to it in your car, office, home or while on vacation



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