Life Coaching for Families


Integrated Family Counseling

Meredith is a Certified Life Coach (Associate Certified Coach (ACC)) for adults and children through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is the only globally recognized life coaching designation. The program she graduated from is the only training offered by the ICF in coaching families.

Meredith's role as Life Coach for Families is to help all individuals deepen their relationships with themselves and others so that they find life to be a truly rewarding experience. She works with the following individuals to help them strengthen their relationships like never before:

• Parents and their children
• Husbands and wives or partners of either sex
• Business Partners
• Bosses and their employees
• Siblings

Meredith had experience seeing therapists and counselors with others and found that invariably they would judge or choose sides whenever they met with more than one individual at a time. Meredith’s ability to connect two or more individuals is one of her greatest skills because she helps individuals truly understand one another. She does not judge, so therefore judging and choosing sides does not form part of the equation in her sessions. She encourages each individual to explain what hurt them and why, as opposed to blaming the other individual. Her work connects individuals at the heart level and gets the individuals out of their heads.


A mother and daughter were having big challenges getting along. They came to Meredith and worked through four issues, finding a solution for handling each one, within just one hour. This was a record number of issues to resolve within such a short time frame but these two had no past resentments to work through.

A father and son were so at odds with one another that the son no longer had any interest in talking to his father. The son explained to Meredith that the father was always telling him how to play hockey better and even talking to his coach behind his back. Meredith asked the father if his advice was ever listened to or if it had ever made a difference. He said “No.” She asked what was more important: Having a good relationship with his son or trying to ensure he played hockey even better than he was. When the father saw his relationship with this new perspective, he apologized to his son and agreed to refrain from advising him any longer when it came to hockey. With Meredith’s help, his apology was from the heart, thorough and ended up in the two hugging.

A man and woman had been married for 25 years. By the time they contacted Meredith, they were not sure if their marriage was salvageable. Meredith met with each of them individually and found that one was done working on the marriage and the other really wanted to make the marriage work still. She then met with them, as a couple, over skype and after that first session, both received hope that their marriage was salvageable. Each session resulted in more progress than setbacks for the couple, until within a few months, they renewed their vows. They remain together to this day.

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Jen P.

"We had an awesome summer and school has been wonderful; I can't remember the last time I could say that. I got my head in such a better place and I got my son back...I am crying thinking of how much better our lives are now...I owe you the world."

Leanne Sedentopf

"Meredith has been so great to work with. She is approachable and makes you feel seen and heard but will also call you on stuff when you need a reality check. She has made both me and my husband comfortable throughout the process. Regularly checking in on how we are doing and feeling. She genuinely cares. I'd recommend working with Meredith wholeheartedly."

Cindy Burton

"Meredith had an incredible way of explaining our unmet needs to us so that we understood why each other were behaving the way we were. She was very quick to understand each of us. I loved it when she drew up a new contract for us to abide by, based on what we were looking to improve in our marriage. Her lack of judgment is not something we came across when we met with other professionals to heal our relationship. We are forever grateful for her assistance."