Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Meredith’s invaluable experience in the corporate world for ten years in managerial positions, her two decades of owning her own business while raising a family, and almost ten years of life coaching uniquely positioned her to help entrepreneurs catapult themselves to whole new levels.

She helps entrepreneurs:

  • Process their current lives and past correctly
  • Identify and eliminate their emotional blocks
  • Organize and choose their top priorities
  • Troubleshoot (with suggestions, if needed) to determine the best solutions for personal or business challenges
  • Understand how to be the most productive, based on Brain By Design strategies
  • See their own greatness and believe in themselves
  • Reprogram their subconscious mind to replace limiting beliefs and the imposter syndrome with positive and abundant beliefs
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and be more assertive
  • Manifest the lives they envision for themselves, step by step
Me in pink and orange with hair up

You can arrange for individual sessions with Meredith or purchase packages at a greater savings. You will find Meredith works very quickly!