Past Life Regression Sessions

Meredith was certified by Dr. Brian Weiss MD in past life regression after five days of intensive training at The Omega Institute in New York. After graduating from Columbia University and Yale Medical School as a traditional psychotherapist, one of Dr. Brian Weiss’ patients began recalling past-life traumas which prompted him to use past life therapy to cure her. As a result of his ground-breaking work, he became world-renowned, was featured on Oprah and other well-known television shows and became a best-selling author many times over. Today, he is Chairman of Emeritus of Psychiatry of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Miami and continues to teach past-life regression therapy to students from all over the world.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Yung performed regressions on individuals. Buddhists and Hindus have been compiling past-life cases for thousands of years. Islamic society make reference to reincarnation. Judaism cannot be understood without understanding reincarnation. Original Indigenous culture believed in past lives.  Even the new testament of the Christian bible wrote about reincarnation until Pope Constantine and the Romans censored it. Bishops have gone to Dr. Brian Weiss for past-life regression.

In recent years and since publishing her spiritual book, Meredith has focused on helping individuals maximize their soul growth – past life regression therapy has catapulted her clients to whole new levels of soul growth. Meredith has helped individuals retrieve memories that were still negatively affecting their current lives. Looking into past lives, she helps individuals access the subconscious mind and address their physical and emotional blocks.

Substance abuse/dependence, schizoid/schizotypal presentation, paranoia, dementia, mania, epilepsy, extreme compulsivity or fear of loss of control are negative indicators of client responsiveness.

A session takes approximately 1- 1.5 hours.

“If we can accelerate the healing process, the evolutionary process, that is the most therapeutic action we can take, the best thing we can do, not only for our own souls but for everyone in the world.” Dr. Brian Weiss, Same Soul, Many Bodies 

Brian Weiss and I (best)


Una Blumberg

"Meredith led me through a past-life regression session to help me connect with my past lives. I had rich and meaningful insights. Meredith was loving, caring and real. She is a natural in creating a positive experience. I had a remarkable experience with healing and joy. I was inspired and felt connected with my past. I kept thinking about the insights for weeks and months to come. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have access to more expansive ways of seeing and being in life. With gratitude and appreciation."

Neve Walker

"My session with Meredith allowed me to figure out my life. By uncovering my past-lives, I have gained more clarity and awareness about myself and my behaviour. Her gifts and intuitive talent guided me to where I needed to be and helped me feel safe and secure throughout the process. I now have the knowledge I need to move forward in my life and be the best version of myself, as well as heal old wounds. Thank you Meredith for sharing your gifts with the world."

Lisa Belisse

"I know we just did the past life regression this afternoon but my back already feels 60% better! I suddenly started singing “Happy Birthday to me!” after feeling my sense of responsibility for everything and everyone suddenly wash away. What we uncovered today is HUGE. Thank you thank you xx."