Soul Journaling for Transformation Digital Journal

Journaling is one of the oldest forms of self-healing in the world. Journaling typically has no structure and can be cathartic, integrative, insightful and healing. For the first three months of Covid-19 lockdown, Meredith helped individuals mentally and emotionally, by offering “Corona journaling” on her Facebook platform. She posted life-coaching questions with various themes to help individuals find peace, focus on their passions and see the good coming from the pandemic. As a result, Meredith discovered that there is a specific way to journal to help people see their best selves – she calls it Soul Journaling. Meredith created a 25-page digital journal to help people:

  • See their worth
  • Process their past correctly
  • Identify the lessons they are learning
  • Forgive themselves
  • Take the steps to coming to love themselves
  • Improve their relationships
  • Eliminate emotional blocks
  • Create more happiness and abundance in their lives

There has never been a journal made with the capabilities of this journal. This digitized journal is beautifully designed to print onto paper. It comes complete with questions, space to answer the questions, insights into human behaviour and educational quotes. Meredith offers workshops and customized consultations to help individuals answer the questions in such a way that they arrive at the TRUTH that brings them deep-seated PEACE.