Secrets To Spiritual Vitality


In the third book in Meredith’s health trilogy, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Spiritual Vitality demystifies modern day spirituality. The book teaches individuals of all ages how to grow their soul and enhance success in every area of life.

This final book of The Resourceful Mother’s health trilogy is her best yet, hands down. Once again, Meredith’s breadth of knowledge, fascinating stories, and down-to-earth writing style demystify another key component of great health - modern day spirituality.

In the pages herein, Meredith shares her deepest, darkest secrets – her own captivating interactions with spirits, angels, spirit guides and a Higher Power, so that you finally know you are not alone here on Earth and are perfectly SAFE. She reveals proof of reincarnation, not solely from her own personal experiences, but also from respected research. She explains how living many lives and changing the way you think about your time on Earth will bring you PEACE with everything and everyone in your life.

The book illuminates how to read the signs, sent specifically to you from above, so you can experience the lessons and JOY you planned for yourself. You will realize that there are methods for praying and meditating effectively and know exactly how to MANIFEST what you are destined to achieve. You will learn how to truly open your heart and move from fear to LOVE. Two chapters are devoted to helping you understand how to HEAL and prosper physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that you can uncover all that is POSSIBLE for yourself. To inspire you, Meredith details the amazing methods she implements to help her clients overcome their health challenges and SOAR. The final chapter illustrates the unique healing modalities and WISDOM that can further enhance SUCCESS in every area of your life.

Meredith, your resourceful mother, wrote this book for the benefit of every individual – young and old. It teaches your soul how to GROW and access UNLIMITED PERSONAL POWER, the very reason we are here on Earth. There is no more important topic than this.


Kim Gerson

"I just finished your book and am in absolute awe and admiration for the words of wisdom you have imparted in your readers! Thank you Meredith for wanting to help humanity and congratulations on yet another triumph!"

Dawn Comeau

"Meredith, I've just finished reading your 3rd book, and once again, it's a page-turner! Your written words are inspirational, thought-provoking, and loving. I read it with an open mind and heart, I paused, set it down, and went back to re-read it so that I could fully take in your message, and I am incredibly blessed to know you in all capacities. You're an awesome teacher, writer, thinker, and friend! You, my Earthly Angel, are rare and precious, and I sincerely hope that you and your work reach many! I'm grateful for YOU! Blessings!"

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