A Commentary on the “You Are Not Special” Commencement Speech

I don’t believe we need to criticize our children or ever point out that they didn’t do a good job at something. But when they do poorly, we cannot tell them they did great! I am never a proponent of lying about a child’s abilities or contribution and neither is our child. If they do know the truth or later find out the truth, our child will not view us in a favourable light. Even if they don’t find out the truth, we are not doing our child any service complimenting them when, instead, we could be helping them hone their skills, so that they can contribute their real talents to the world.

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Seeing the Beauty in the Beast

The more often that you do this in your own life, the better equipped you will be to offer this assistance in the life of your child. And the more often you train your eye to view people and situations this way, the more often you will see beyond. It takes effort to do this. “Why must I always be the bigger person?” some of you might ask. Because when you see each person and circumstance as beautiful, you experience a beautiful moment. And one beautiful moment leads to another. And before you know it, you are living a beautiful life.

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Write Your Own Child’s Report Card

What if we, our children’s parents or other family member or family friend, wrote our own report card for our child or the child we know? For, it is each of us that knows this child best. We could do it at the end of each school year or even each semester, for that matter!

And what might this report card include?

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