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Stop Sabotaging Yourself Once and For All – My Next Seminar


We, as humans, sabotage ourselves throughout our lives, in all different ways. If we found living here on Earth easy, none of us would have come here because our souls would have evolved to such a point that we would no longer need the challenges that come with having an earthly experience.  Our souls sign up to come here to face a multitude of challenges and learn our lessons.

Because we don’t see things from the perspective of our souls and because we are not taught how to navigate being here, we sabotage ourselves by eating the wrong foods, overindulging in alcohol/drugs/tobacco, spending time with people who don’t love and appreciate us, allowing ourselves to be used by others, not exercising, living in fear…the list could literally go on for pages.

The bottom line is that subconsciously, we don’t believe we deserve more. 

Why is that?? How can we all be in varying stages of feeling this way? It is because this is not our home.

If the earthly plane was our home, we would know our value. We would know all of our talents and passions. We would know our purpose here, in making this planet a better place. We would know what aspects of ourselves we came here to work on. Instead, we are all in a process of finding these things out for ourselves, the longer we remain here. We must come to know that in our time on Earth, every one of us deserves excellent health, happiness and prosperity.

In order to achieve that abundance, we must:

  1. Become conscious of the fact that we are sabotaging ourselves. Remaining a victim to our circumstances is not an option if we want to reach new heights. To reach those heights, we must learn the negative beliefs that currently govern our thoughts and actions.

  2. Decide we want things to be different and truly desire to improve aspects of ourselves and/or our lives. Often, the pain we are enduring must reach the point of being greater than the fear of making the change.

  3. Align ourselves with who we really are and step into our power, taking one very small step at a time (the steps are different for each individual). As long as we hold resentment for ourselves or others, it is impossible to make any great strides in living the lives we want to live. Our resentments need to be addressed (a multi-pronged process, involving looking at ourselves and our lives through the lens of our souls). Next, we must delineate the specific steps we need to follow and decide when to take them. Do I feel certain that I can teach an audience how to TRULY stop sabotaging themselves? And not just in theory but in reality? I DO!!!! Many of you know me. Neither my books nor my seminars contain any wasted words. And my intent is always to help as many individuals as possible heal and manifest their heart’s desire.

The first step to arresting your saboteur is to sign up for my next seminar NOW .

The beautiful day in which I will share this information with you:

Stop Self-Sabotaging

(we will start promptly at 11, so please arrive prior)

I look forward to seeing you at:

Dish Events at 212 Earl Stewart Drive #2B in Aurora, Ontario L4G 6V7

Your entry fee:

$36 including HST

I’m Meredith Deasley, a registered holistic nutritionist, certified life coach and expert in spiritual vitality. If you want to learn more about why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop sabotaging yourself, please sign up for my seminar or book a one-on-one consultation with me at             

Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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