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9 Effective Methods for Dispelling Fear

Woman sitting on the floor holding her head in her hands while struggling with dispelling fear.

I remember going out for dinner with my family a few years ago and playing a game where we asked each other questions to get to know one another at a deeper level. One of the questions was “If you could remove anything from this world, what would it be?” My answer was “Fear.”

I knew why we need fear – it keeps us safe; it makes us set boundaries with others; it helps us make better choices and more. But I didn’t like what fear does to us when we are unable to dispel it.

Enter Covid-19 – fear filled our world like never before. With this virus, there were too many unknowns and, in many cases, the unknowns have remained to this day. Even in times of war, we understood the situation we were in and the inherent risks more than we understand this virus.

Increasing our knowledge (1) and taking action steps (2) are always two foolproof ways to put an end to our fears. With this virus, the information on how to protect ourselves kept changing and we couldn’t take action to change our situation. And, even worse, there was been no end in sight – no date or promise that we would ever return to the way things once were.

We couldn’t even distract ourselves with trips, nights out with friends or exercise classes. We couldn’t attend family functions or our usual celebrations. Some of us entered complete isolation for days on end – the worst form of punishment in a prison and a big cause of fear. And worst of all, our loved ones became sick or died from the virus, often suffering completely alone.    

Those who fared reasonably well over the fifteen months, dispelled much of the fear by refraining from listening to the news and horrible predictions for our future; they spent time in nature; they chose goals and worked towards achieving them; and they became preoccupied with doing what filled them up inside. In effect, they found ways to change their focus (3) or ‘escape’ this world (4).    

What I find so fascinating about our situation is that if any of us were living off the grid, we never would have been affected by any of this.

I also became acutely aware that we each had a choice as to how much fear we actually allowed in. If we stayed glued to social media or the news or found ourselves talking to lots of people, it was hard not to be filled with fear. If we did our jobs or spent time with our children, each and every day, it was very easy to stay in the present moment and prevent fear from seeping in.       

Enter Covid-19 shots. On top of coping with our fear, the division among us reached whole new heights, which in turn escalated our fear. We watched as our thoughts divided us into two camps – those who believed the shot would save us and those who believed it would kill us or render us sick.

It was at this time that I had many people come to me for life coaching, who some would describe as inconsolable. I noticed that the more faith individuals had, the less fear they allowed into their minds (5).

One mother came to me in a panicked state and listed all her worries for her children and grandchildren, one of which was their potential death. She cried so hard and so loudly, as she spoke, overcome with fear. She had come to me for years but, this time, I knew my words could not comfort her. I said very little in response and, for the very first time, asked her if I could do hands-on healing for her.

I cupped both her ears in my hands to ground her. Within minutes, she started yawning, a sign of release. Within a few more minutes, she was visibly more relaxed. Within a few more minutes, she asked how I knew to help her in this way. I explained that there was no other way to get her to this relaxed place so quickly. I continued with hands-on healing for about 45 minutes.

By the time she got off the table, she was calm and collected. She was centered. She had connected with her inner voice and she shared what it had said to her. It said, “There is nothing you can do right now. You can only have faith. ” She needed nothing else from me; we both knew it.               

If we connect with our inner voice (6), it will always calm us. Always. The trick is hearing it. We can hear it in the shower, on a drive, while gardening, while cleaning, while doing something creative, while spending time in nature and in a multitude of other ways. It can come to us at any time. It’s the voice that calms us. It’s the thoughts or words that give us new perspective. 

We will remain in fear or upset until we get the perspective that heals us (7). Whenever we are suffering, especially if our suffering seems too much to bear, all we need is perspective. We can acquire the perspective we need by hearing our inner voice (as previously explained), talking to another, reading self-help books or listening to audios, just to give a few examples.

We will know we have acquired the right perspective when we finally feel calm. And we feel calm when our subconscious minds know we have hit upon the truth (8).  

I remember feeling so incredibly angry and sad a few years ago. I did cardio for over an hour and that got me some of the perspective I needed. Then, I spoke to a friend and that got me even closer. And when I journaled, I got all the way there!

Could I have just journaled and got the perspective I needed? No, because I had to release my negative emotions in a healthy way (9) first and then that created the room for the new perspective to arrive. Sometimes, THAT is what is needed first.

So, you can see there are many ways to dispel fear. One or a combination of these methods has always worked for me, as well as, my clients. My hope is that this information helps you or someone you know who needs it right now.

I am The Resourceful Mother and I connect families to health and happiness – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I help youth, adults and couples identify, release and clear their fear in a multitude of ways, emotionally and spiritually. I also teach people the foods that augment fear and those that diminish it, as well as, the supplements and remedies that lessen fear. You can reach me at          

Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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