Live with Grace

My intuitive guidance told me that understanding and focusing on grace is what’s needed at this time. The division, the hatred and the judgment among us could be at its highest ever.  And the FEAR is larger than life for so many right now…. It is time to live with grace. Grace is the ability…

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9 Effective Methods for Dispelling Fear

Woman sitting on the floor holding her head in her hands while struggling with dispelling fear.

I remember going out for dinner with my family a few years ago and playing a game where we asked each other questions to get to know one another at a deeper level. One of the questions was “If you could remove anything from this world, what would it be?” My answer was “Fear.” I…

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A Life Coach’s Letter to Today’s Youth

Whether you are a pre-teen, teen or young adult, I want to relay some important information to you and help you in unique ways… You are more evolved and more aware than the adults who surround you. You may not have developed the smarts that we have acquired from being on Earth for longer than…

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Soul Journaling to Transform – Online Workshop April 20, 2021

Poster of woman journaling with the blog title overhead.

A year ago, the world essentially shut down. At that time, I began doing something I called, ‘Corona Journaling’ on Facebook, over the course of three months, in an effort to help people come to terms with what was happening and feel more positive. The feedback was so wonderful, online and through other means that…

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Cultivate a Reverence for Life

Poster with woman jumping with the blog title overhead.

Just over a year ago, I became acutely aware of the fact that far too many didn’t have a reverence for life and this troubled me greatly. I observed that the majority of individuals who did revere life, had suffered greatly on Earth, and had come out the other side. I decided that all I…

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Opening Our Hearts – The Secret to Peace and Happiness

Poster of shiny red hearts under the title of the post.

I don’t think I have ever written more important blog than this one. “Be the love you want to see in the world and watch your life transform.” You have heard many versions of this throughout your lifetime, I am sure. BUT, very few seem to know that opening our hearts is the secret to…

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Transform Your Mental Health – Online Workshop Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021

Poster with details for the Transform Your Mental Health workshop.

I really don’t want to say “Covid-19” AGAIN but unfortunately we are still paralyzed, in many ways, due to this virus. And people are really suffering due to the restrictions that have been placed upon us for almost a year now.😟 I was planning to hold a seminar called “Fulfill Your Destiny”, being the New…

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Help Is Here…an All-Natural Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Poster with woman dressed in a white sweater with the article's title above.

We are seeing the highest amount of drug use ever in the history of mankind. 10,000 people die of drug abuse each day around the world. In the summer of 2020, drug overdoses causing death reached an all time high, with 170 individuals dying in July in the province of British Columbia alone, as reported…

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A Life Coach’s 20 Learnings From 2020

Holiday ornaments on promotional image for A Life Coach's 20 Learnings From 2020.

Well, this was a year like no other. It was shocking, painful, chaotic, confusing and disheartening. Our trust in our leaders, scientists, medical experts, police, media and other societal systems was put into question time and time again. Our freedom was seriously curtailed. Our connection to others was severely limited. Many turned on each other…

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Using Covid-19 Restrictions to Find Freedom, Joy and Purpose

Woman experiencing joy in a field of sunflowers because she's found freedom with Covid-19 restrictions.

The vast majority of us have been living with extreme restrictions over the past eight months and counting. In that time, some of us have been living with people who don’t love and appreciate us. Some of us have had to get our food from a food bank. Some of us have been living with…

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Fuel Your Soul – An Online Workshop to Motivate and Energize You

Fuel Your Soul promotional poster.

Last year, the Canadian Institute for Health announced that 25,000 Canadians were hospitalized or died from deliberate self-harm. This data was collected before the onset of Covid-19. This figure doesn’t include people who went to emergency rooms and weren’t admitted or those who obtained help from primary healthcare providers or other local services.  Since the…

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Fuel Your Soul – Online Workshop Oct 27, 2020

Promo poster for fuel your soul workshop.

Are you feeling lethargic, unmotivated, tired or even depressed? Have the Covid-19 restrictions zapped you of your excitement for life? You are one of hundreds of thousands feeling this way right now.  It’s time revitalize your soul! It’s time to feel ALIVE again! You can use this time, where you can’t be out in the…

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