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Live with Grace

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My intuitive guidance told me that understanding and focusing on grace is what’s needed at this time. The division, the hatred and the judgment among us could be at its highest ever.  And the FEAR is larger than life for so many right now…. It is time to live with grace.

Grace is the ability to access our heart or our God-like selves and think or act from that place of virtue.

Wikipedia describes grace as “a theological term present in many religions. It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation.” The dictionary describes it in a similar way.

A Christian website described it as “the love of God shown to the unlovely and the peace of God given to the restless.”

Before writing this blog, I didn’t realize that grace was a religious word but I am grateful that the word has become more widely used, even by non-religious people, over time. I hope to expand your knowledge about it, so that you feel compelled to incorporate it more and more into your life by choosing to live with grace.

Grace is unconditional love and kindness.

Grace not only comes from our hearts, it strengthens our hearts when we can access and operate from that place. Embodying it transforms our desires, motivations and behaviour.

When we can embody grace, we feel at the utmost peace and we feel good about ourselves.   

Many of us believe that others should think the way we do. We think we see things so clearly that others should be able to do the same. We think that if we find the right words, we can convince others to do what we think they should do.

We can never know what is right for another soul!  We don’t know the plan another soul has created for themselves.  

Since the pandemic began, I have heard so many people refer to others as “stupid.” The first time I heard this, I became very sad. Those, who are referred to as stupid, have learned other aspects of living here on Earth than we have or have been focused on other things than we have. Or they are simply trusting!    

In over half a century of studying people, I have never found people to be stupid. In fact, their intuition about themselves and their lives has always astounded me.

Sometimes I pick up people on the side of the road, who are in need of a drive. Picking strangers up has provided me with some of my biggest and most rewarding teaching moments (are you reading this with judgment or grace, right now? Notice, just notice.) I remember picking up a man who explained that he had just been at the food bank to get groceries for his family. I could tell he was ashamed.

He told me that he never knew, as a kid, how important education actually was. It hit me hard, hearing him talk about his decisions in retrospect. This man was NOT stupid, his childhood had just been filled with so much pain that he couldn’t focus on going to school! He had focused on trying to feel good and that did not include sitting in a classroom. 

And remember, there are many who find their way without an education but maybe their pain didn’t impede their abilities to find their way as much as this man’s pain did.

If we are not seeing others with love and compassion, we have not yet gained the perspective we came here to learn. We are not yet living with grace.

We come here, over and over again, to learn grace. There is no rush.

The goal is that each lifetime, we open our hearts more and more, as we experience being male and female, different races, different financial statuses, and experience different levels of health and ability. The more we personally experience, the more compassionate we become of others.

Once we can agree to disagree and continue loving our friends and family, we are there! We have learned to live with grace.

If our friends or family can’t agree to disagree, they might drop us from their lives and they are free to make that decision. If they judge or hurt US, we might first try lovingly setting healthy boundaries with them. If they cannot comply with our boundaries, we might decide they can’t remain in our lives.

But if we do decide to drop someone from our lives, we must continue to see them with grace. This means having compassion for where they are at, based on the lives they have lived. If we cannot see them through the lens of the heart, we may need to seek help (from self-help books or a life coach). If we live with hatred, we are seriously hurting ourselves and we will become sick.        

Are you now seeing how important living with grace is? I want this peace for you. Life is so much more beautiful when we can learn to agree to disagree and see others with compassion.

And remember, everything IS happening for a reason. Don’t just say it or pretend you believe it if you don’t. If you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, you simply cannot get as bothered inside about anything that happens around you. This is the foundation of learning to live with grace.

Hi! I’m Meredith Deasley, an accredited life coach, registered holistic nutritionist and expert in spiritual vitality. I help my clients see themselves and others through the lens of their heart. I meet with individuals, couples and parents and children helping them with all their relationships. You can learn more about my work at       


Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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