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Cultivate a Reverence for Life

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Just over a year ago, I became acutely aware of the fact that far too many didn’t have a reverence for life and this troubled me greatly. I observed that the majority of individuals who did revere life, had suffered greatly on Earth, and had come out the other side. I decided that all I could do about this pervasive problem was to help those I knew see the greatness within themselves and all around them.

Enter Covid –19. A global lockdown ensued where our basic rights and freedoms were forcibly removed. We couldn’t leave our homes, socialize with anyone in person, travel, participate in spiritual or religious gatherings, go to the gym, play group sports, or frequent places that filled us up inside. And as if that wasn’t enough, many lost their businesses or sources of income. Others became sick or died 😟.

Here we are, one year later (March 13th is when it was announced that all major league sports would be shutting down). One year later of sadness, anger, fear, confusion, depression, despair, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. One year later of deepening awareness of ourselves and our world – no matter what stage of development our souls were at, each of us became more aware in one way or another.

For many years now, I have seen the patterns in the collective. What I am seeing now is still a lot of fear and people going back and forth in their thoughts, as they contemplate their future and that of the world.  What I am also starting to see come through the cracks is….


But a lot of people are not conscious of this. I believe one of my jobs is to help people see this reverence for life and help cultivate it. Let me tell you what I mean.

I see people smiling at one another more. I see individuals being friendlier. I see others opening up more deeply with one another. I see people dressing up more when they go out because they spent so much of their time in casual clothes or their pyjamas!

I feel people enjoying themselves more than they have in a long time when they are out together. People’s eyes are wide open, taking in their surroundings and meeting eyes with strangers.  I see individuals thanking strangers for conversations they engage in with one another.  I see individuals appreciating small gestures, nature, invitations, small successes and things that have always existed.

I feel a new closeness between all of us. Yes, friendships have ended and, in some cases, prejudism and judgment have increased temporarily. But when we go out into the world, for a walk or to a coffee shop, you will likely notice that you can truly feel the comradery. It is simply beautiful to watch.

And people’s plans! They want to travel somewhere they have always wanted to see but kept delaying. They want to recognize the importance of others in their lives. They want to celebrate things in larger ways. They want to relish their freedom and use it to its fullest.

And some plan to never go back to how they were living! They want to continue to spend their money more wisely, be with their children more often than they were, meditate more often or take more time to play and enjoy life than they did previously. Others plan to eat better to keep their immune systems strong and age gracefully. Others have switched jobs and are now passionate about what they do.

There is now a reverence for life in the hearts of the majority. Chills are ripping down my body as I write this because this is the TRUTH. And the truth is that we need to be continually cultivating our reverence for life, so that this way of thinking permeates our minds.

When we have a reverence for life, we enjoy ourselves more thoroughly. We can handle our soul lessons with more grace. We feel good inside. We feel real joy coursing through our veins. Our hearts can open more widely (to learn more about this, click on this link).             

And, here’s the thing. Our souls chose to come here TO do all these things. Do you think we agreed to come here, so that we could be miserable and live in fear? Not a chance. We would never have agreed to that. It is a privilege to have this earthly experience – to feel pleasure in our human bodies – to eat delicious food, feel the warm touch of another, to dance enjoying all the ways our bodies can move, to feel our breath as it relaxes us, to luxuriate in a candlelit bath, and to feel connected to spirits and our guides from here.

You and I both know how incredible it feels to be improving ourselves, to feel pride in doing the right thing, to act and speak with integrity, and to treat ourselves and others with respect. These are all ways in which we cultivate a reverence for life. This is what we get to do here on Earth. And when we have this reverence for life, everything is beautiful.

And as if that isn’t enough, there is another huge benefit – think of a child who receives a gift. When they are so appreciative and express gratitude, the universe wants to give that child more. When they are unappreciative, the universe wants to give them less. A reverence for life cultivates abundance.

At a personal level, I feel infinitely grateful to witness this cosmic reset. I see the pain everyone has been going through but I feel proud to get to watch the amazing results. I look forward to the fun and frivolity that is coming for all of us. I look forward to seeing everyone hug with feeling. I look forward to watching people exercise their deepest desires and ensuring their dreams come true.             

I look forward to witnessing everyone cultivate a greater reverence for life, whether they are conscious of it or not. 

“God created each of us with our own unique potential and a divine destiny to reach that potential, no matter how much time, pain, and sacrifice it takes. Ultimately, we never fail. We can’t. Whether we run, walk, crawl, or wander off on a hundred dead-end shortcuts, we will inevitably achieve the greatness that is our birthright, and our brief trips away from Home are part of the path toward greatness.”    

Sylvia Browne

Hi! I’m Meredith Deasley BA, RHN, RNCP, ACC, an Accredited Life Coach and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I delight in helping individuals and families see their own greatness and that which surrounds them. If you need help in finding the perspective that will help you heal, I am here for you. You can contact me by clicking here.     

Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.


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