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A Spiritual Perspective to CALM You During COVID–19

Woman sitting on a window seat meditating on taking a spiritual perspective to COVID-19.

At this time, we are being presented with the biggest opportunity for our souls to grow. There has never been a time in history, allowing us this much growth at one time. How do I know this? 

Because we have never globally and collectively had to restrict our movements like this. And we are having to do this at the same time that all of these planetary shifts are happening. 

By planetary shifts, I am referring to all the times Mercury is in retrograde and all of the solar and lunar eclipses, just to give you a few examples. Each of these planetary shifts, literally increases our consciousness or our awareness. 

What do I mean by this? Well, let me be more specific, from March 30th to May 13th of this year, Mars is transiting through Aquarius. This particular planetary shift literally encourages us to explore how our individual actions can help others. What a time for COVID–19 to show up. 

NOTHING happens by accident. NOTHING. You think that because you have heard this is a man-made virus or that its effects are so devastating for us that it’s not pre-destined by Universal Intelligence? Everything happens FOR us not to US. I don’t say this to get you thinking from your ego. I say this to get you thinking from your soul so you can begin embracing a spiritual perspective to COVID-19. 

We can’t rely on external circumstances to help us feel happy internally. Yes, external circumstances always play a role but if we continue to RELY on them to fill us up inside, we will always be disappointed and we will always be in a place of resistance. 

Let me share an analogy to explain this further. You have heard that our expectations can set us up for failure. This is true. 

If we continually expect another to change and they don’t, WE are the ones that need to change our expectations of them (not of everyone, just of them). When we surrender our expectations of another, we are no longer in a place of resistance. We know exactly who we are dealing with and we cannot be disappointed by their words or behaviour any longer. 

It’s the same with COVID-19. If we keep having expectations of when this will end or that someone will come in and save the world any day, we will likely be sorely disappointed. If we keep watching the news, expecting a different outcome, we are only disappointing ourselves. If we keep eating badly, staying in our sweats day and night and spending the majority of our time binge-watching shows, we are in a state of RESISTANCE. We are resisting that this is happening FOR us. 

By not being our best selves, we are allowing external circumstances to rule our happiness. Why do we want to give our power away to a virus? 

If instead, we ACCEPT COVID-19 and use this time to be our best selves – we help others more than usual, learn new things, take up a new hobby, start a new exercise or eating regime, become closer to family members or friends, begin meditating and connecting with our inner selves… well, THEN, we are seeing the MAGIC and the WONDER of this Universe and everything it has to offer and teach us.

We are no longer giving our power away to a virus. We are no longer victims. We are triumphant. Imagine the pride we will have in ourselves when this virus no longer has a hold over us.

Now, some of you might ask “What about those who become sick from this virus?” How is sickness happening FOR them? Well, they might get to experience a level of kindness from a particular nurse, helping them see their worthiness of receiving help, when they never saw it before. They might gain a new perspective in quarantine that changes the trajectory of their lives. Once they recover, they might TRULY appreciate LIFE for the first time ever. They might become their best selves after suffering the way they did. 

The possibilities for learning are endless; the choice is theirs…. as it is for the rest of us.

Others are going to ask “What about those who die from this virus?” My answer to this question is very important to understand. No one dies unless their soul is ready to exit the earth plane. No one.  Do their conscious minds know they are ready to leave the earth plane? Only a few are conscious that their contract is up but some of them are very conscious of this. Think of the individual who learns they have cancer and dies within weeks of their diagnosis. They are the ones who are conscious of wanting to take that exit point and they don’t resist their circumstances.

And, remember our souls live indefinitely.  

And still others are going to ask “What about those of us who witness sickness in our loved ones or, even worse, lose our loved ones to this virus?” Your soul might learn compassion, as many of us are learning, as we watch the frontline workers risk their lives each day. Also, when an individual loses a loved one, the universe believes they are strong enough to lose that individual, otherwise it wouldn’t happen at this time in their life. And you would likely wonder at this point how the universe coordinates all of this….and that, you see, is the MAGIC and the WONDER of the Universe all over again.

There is nothing to fear.

We say, “Everything happens for a reason” but many of us don’t actually believe that!  

Universal Intelligence plans everything perfectly. 

It always has and it always will….

Look around you now. Look at the space you live in, the warmth you feel, the clean drinking water you have access to, the food you have access to, the ones who love you and who you love, the technology you are using to read my words…you know I could go on and on about everything you have to be grateful for…feel gratitude for everything you can think of, for the lessons you are learning going through COVID-19, for the ways in which you could be suffering right now but aren’t…feel the all encompassing gratitude…

And remember to also spend time focusing on the changes you want to make in your life, and on your dreams…COVID-19 LOCKDOWN WILL END. Visualize how you will feel when you accomplish one of your dreams – maybe its financial abundance or meeting the love of your life. You can’t dream the same thing over and over again unless you are meant to achieve it. The more you visualize how it will FEEL to achieve your dream, the greater the likelihood of it happening. 

Again, I remind you, COVID–19 LOCKDOWN WILL END. What else can you do NOW, to get ready to truly live the rest of your life the way you want to? 

I will conclude by asking you to go on Youtube and play a song by Josh Groban, called “Granted”

Two of my favourite lyrics in this powerful song are: “Never take a single breath for granted. The story’s yours, go write it.”

My greatest hope is that the combination of my words, Josh’s words and this incredible music will inspire you in ways you never thought possible at this VITAL and VALUABLE time in the GROWTH OF OUR SOULS.        

Hi! I’m Meredith Deasley BA, RHN, RNCP, ACC and I have been connecting families to health and happiness for almost two decades now. It is our perspective that heals us and helps us be triumphant, no matter what the circumstances are around us. If you need help adopting a healthy perspective on your past, present or future, please contact me at 

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