A Life Coach’s Letter to Today’s Youth

Whether you are a pre-teen, teen or young adult, I want to relay some important information to you and help you in unique ways… You are more evolved and more aware than the adults who surround you. You may not have developed the smarts that we have acquired from being on Earth for longer than…

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Soul Journaling to Transform – Online Workshop April 20, 2021

Poster of woman journaling with the blog title overhead.

A year ago, the world essentially shut down. At that time, I began doing something I called, ‘Corona Journaling’ on Facebook, over the course of three months, in an effort to help people come to terms with what was happening and feel more positive. The feedback was so wonderful, online and through other means that…

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Cultivate a Reverence for Life

Poster with woman jumping with the blog title overhead.

Just over a year ago, I became acutely aware of the fact that far too many didn’t have a reverence for life and this troubled me greatly. I observed that the majority of individuals who did revere life, had suffered greatly on Earth, and had come out the other side. I decided that all I…

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Opening Our Hearts – The Secret to Peace and Happiness

Poster of shiny red hearts under the title of the post.

I don’t think I have ever written more important blog than this one. “Be the love you want to see in the world and watch your life transform.” You have heard many versions of this throughout your lifetime, I am sure. BUT, very few seem to know that opening our hearts is the secret to…

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Using Covid-19 Restrictions to Find Freedom, Joy and Purpose

Woman experiencing joy in a field of sunflowers because she's found freedom with Covid-19 restrictions.

The vast majority of us have been living with extreme restrictions over the past eight months and counting. In that time, some of us have been living with people who don’t love and appreciate us. Some of us have had to get our food from a food bank. Some of us have been living with…

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Fuel Your Soul – An Online Workshop to Motivate and Energize You

Fuel Your Soul promotional poster.

Last year, the Canadian Institute for Health announced that 25,000 Canadians were hospitalized or died from deliberate self-harm. This data was collected before the onset of Covid-19. This figure doesn’t include people who went to emergency rooms and weren’t admitted or those who obtained help from primary healthcare providers or other local services.  Since the…

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Fuel Your Soul – Online Workshop Oct 27, 2020

Promo poster for fuel your soul workshop.

Are you feeling lethargic, unmotivated, tired or even depressed? Have the Covid-19 restrictions zapped you of your excitement for life? You are one of hundreds of thousands feeling this way right now.  It’s time revitalize your soul! It’s time to feel ALIVE again! You can use this time, where you can’t be out in the…

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Are You Living the Life You Want? Online Workshop September 22/20

Promotional image for living the life you want workshop.

I invite you to ask yourself these 6 questions: Are you seen externally for who you are internally? Are you seeing the progression you want to see in your life (not withstanding Covid-19)? Is your love for yourself increasing? Are you feeling connected to your fellow man and the universe? Do you see the greatness…

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Heal Your Perspective – Learn How Your Soul Thinks – Online Workshop

Promotional image for the Heal Your Perspective Online Workshop.

“Grace is the gift of higher perspective that we are unable to attain with our reasoning skills alone. Grace provides us with an enlightened view that helps us connect with our hearts, so that we can heal and flourish.” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Spiritual Vitality.  It is perspective that heals us…

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Stop COVID-19 by Seeing Its Lesson – The Answer is Here

Stop COVID-19 poster of woman sitting in mediation.

Group Meditation April 24, 2020, 8 pm EDT Many of us think that COVID-19 has removed our power. We have been forced into lockdown and can barely leave our homes, so it is obvious that we have been stripped of our power, right? Yes, we can give our power away to this virus but does…

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A Spiritual Perspective to CALM You During COVID–19

Woman sitting on a window seat meditating on taking a spiritual perspective to COVID-19.

At this time, we are being presented with the biggest opportunity for our souls to grow. There has never been a time in history, allowing us this much growth at one time. How do I know this?  Because we have never globally and collectively had to restrict our movements like this. And we are having…

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The Masks We Wear – Moving from Denial to Awareness

I was recently talking to some people at a party who were trying to convince me of certain aspects of themselves. A man told me he respected women yet he showed me he didn’t by how he treated his wife. Another man said certain things didn’t upset him but then I saw they did. A…

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