How to Stop the Blame Game

Children pointing their fingers in blame at each other.

Every one of us has blamed others for our challenges. It’s a way of thinking that each of us is taught, as we go through life, and therefore, it has…

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A Life Coach’s Wish for You This School Year

For the Students

School is so much more than academics. School prepares us for life. My wish for you is that this year, you learn and enact these 10 ways to come to know your own greatness:

Handle challenges with grace, meaning always endeavouring to find the perspective that brings you peace
Find the areas of study that you are passionate about because when you find those, you can never feel empty
Get along with the other children and teachers by operating from your HEART and learning diplomacy
Balance your time between your workload, sports, clubs, friends and time for yourself to just “be”
Make and consume healthy lunches and snacks, so that you can concentrate for long periods, keep your moods stable and keep your energy high

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Gay Pride Week – Love IS Love

Gay pride week is comprised of events celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex culture and pride. Last weekend, on my way home from the Artisan festival, I stumbled into…

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The Symbolism of Illness

Our illnesses are meaningful, symbolic and have a spiritual purpose. They offer the possibility of greater healing. Physical illnesses are designed to help our souls grow, make improvements in our…

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There Is A Place

There is a place where each of us can go that is heaven on earth. In this blog, you can learn more about this place and how you can find it too.

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4 Dietary Causes and Other Help for Sleep Challenges

If babies awake a few times a night, that’s normal. However, if babies are up every few minutes or every hour, you may have a sleep challenge on your hands. When it comes to children, it is ideal for them to sleep for at least 8 hours in a row. If a child awakes and feels rested within 5-10 minutes, they are getting enough sleep. When a child is tired, nothing is easy. Here are 5 possible repercussions of insufficient sleep including dietary causes.

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