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Gay Pride Week – Love IS Love


Gay pride week is comprised of events celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex culture and pride. Last weekend, on my way home from the Artisan festival, I stumbled into a pride parade heading down Main Street Newmarket. The energy was palpable. The mayor, the police force, the paramedics and numerous other groups were all there supporting the LGBT community. There were more floats than I had seen in any other parade in town and the colourful nature of the floats and costumes was magnificent. When I saw the sign ‘Love Is Love’, I actually felt emotional.

My latest book, “The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Spiritual Vitality” explains that our souls ultimately come here to learn love. When we learn that fear and misunderstanding are the root causes of all suffering and illness, we will begin to replace hate, distrust and prejudice with love and cooperation. One of my biggest goals is to help the world understand the healing potential of love and teach people how to harness it!  My book explains and provides evidence that we live many lives in order to move from fear to love. Here are some excerpts:

Reincarnation Eliminates Sexual Discrimination

If someone was a woman in many prior lives and then decided to be a man for the first time in their next life, wouldn’t it make sense that they might have feminine tendencies or desires, living as a man for the first time in many lifetimes? The same scenario could happen if someone was a man in many prior lives and then decided to be a woman in their next life. Reincarnation could also explain why there are masculine women and feminine men. Believing in reincarnation eliminates all prejudice.

Reincarnation Is the Very Best Way for Our Souls to Learn LOVE

If we are poor in one life and rich in another, a minority in one life and part of the majority in another, or the tormentor in one life and the sufferer in another, how can we fail to learn compassion over many lifetimes? Reincarnation is a fool proof way for us to learn love and for our souls to evolve.

Loving or failing to love is the true test of our souls. Research has shown that our success in life is almost entirely dependent on our emotional intelligence (heart) rather than on our intellectual prowess (brain). All personal and spiritual transformation is dependent upon the opening of our hearts – giving and receiving love – allowing the energies of love and joy to truly flow. The more compassion and empathy we feel for all living things, the closer we come to experiencing divine unconditional love. The more we view the world through the lens of our heart, the greater our consciousness becomes, and the greater our spiritual awakening. It is why we come to Earth.

“Your life’s path, your life’s purpose, is what is required by your perfect soul, for your perfect soul’s growth. It is measured by your earth heart’s growth.” (Wiseman 2011, 88)

woman in red dress at gay pride parade looking down the street at the back of gay pride parade

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