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Making the Power of Symbolism Work for You


I have spent the last two to three years trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will be turning 50 years old this month. Guess what? I never wrapped my head around it. People say that age is just a number but I don’t agree. We all have thoughts that arise when we think about turning certain ages. I believe that turning 50 means I am likely half way through life, if not more than half way. I am not sad or upset about hitting this milestone; I just don’t feel anything like I pictured feeling at 50. In fact, I am thrilled that I have hit this age feeling so youthful and happy!  

One of the reasons people become sad about turning certain ages is that they don’t feel they have accomplished what they wanted to by that age. Or if they compare themselves to others at the same age, they can feel better or worse, as a result. If one takes the steps to come to love and honour themselves, neither of these ways of thinking occur – one truly feels content with where they are in life.       

When we look up the number 50 in numerology, it represents personal freedom. It symbolizes the pursuit of what interests us without resistance from one’s inner self or others. Isn’t that so much of the joy that is available to us when we enter our fifties? When we hit mid-life, many of us reach a point where we care less than ever about pleasing others and want more than ever to spend time doing what WE love!

My upcoming seminar will teach the symbolism of numbers, as well as other symbolism. Seeing certain birds, animals, insects, reptiles and sea life also has meaning. Having things go wrong with our vehicles can be symbolic too! And certain circumstances also have meaning. Here are some examples:

Seeing spiders often means it’s time for us to get more creative and weave our webs!

When we frequently run out of gas, we feel as though we don’t deserve happiness and often have a self-deprivation pattern.

When we are regularly burning our food, we are angry about our needs not being met and need to spend time meeting our own needs. 

Understanding the symbolism in the messages we receive from the Universe connects our mind and heart. Messages from the Universe come to us as intuitive feelings, great ideas, visions, dreams or signs like the ones I have just described. These messages help us know we are not alone. They guide us in the direction our souls want to go, taking into our account our free will. Although this means of communication is as old as humankind, it is not widely known or understood.

To learn more about how the Universe regularly communicates with us, come to my next seminar in the Maximize Your Soul’s Growth Series on Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 10:30 am to 12 pm at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket. Bring your journal and pen and be prepared to be fascinated! Email or call Customer Service to secure your spot.

“Our need to connect to a sense of meaning and purpose is essential. I have interacted with many people who credit discovering a sense of meaning as their primary inner resource of healing grace; I could almost say this is our most important need.” Myss, Carolyn. Defy Gravity, 2009.    

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