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Skin Rash, Eczema & Diaper Rash – 100% Treatable & Preventable


Common Causes and Natural Remedies for Treating Skin Rashes

So many children these days experience challenges with their skin.  Rashes are, in fact, an attempt to get rid of toxins that are not properly eliminated by the body.  The skin is an elimination organ.  If the body cannot dispose of the toxins, the skin will break out in a rash in an attempt to rid the body of waste! The good news is that skin rashes are not only treatable but preventable as well!

Eczema is a painful and itchy inflammatory skin eruption, which can occur on any part of the body.  It often begins in infancy with dry patches or a rash on the cheeks, face and lower arms.  It may begin as a diaper rash.  As children get older, the inflammation spreads, affecting the hands, the wrists, and the creases in front of the elbows and behind the knees.  The neck and ears may also be affected.  The nature of eczema is to change location on the body.

The location of a rash is often important to determining the cause.  If the rash is on the back of the arms and it never leaves the back of the arms, the cause is usually environmental.  In contrast, red cheeks are often caused from food.

Diaper rash specifically, is often caused from the stool passing through the anus with a high concentration of allergens, causing irritation and burning of the skin.  When there is only urine in the diaper yet there is a rash, this is a result of excess ammonia in the urine caused by incomplete protein metabolism or an overly acidic diet on the part of the mother or baby e.g. citrus fruits, tomatoes.

Food sensitivities or allergies are often involved with rashes or eczema and other factors can also play a role.  The most common causes of rashes or eczema include:

  • Food sensitivities or allergies (e.g. wheat (#1), dairy (#2), soy, sugar, eggs, chocolate, nuts, strawberries, oranges, tomato, grapefruit, grapes, potatoes, soy, dark pop, peanuts, animal products)
  • Environmental sensitivities or allergies (e.g. pollen)
  • Coffee, tea and alcohol consumed by breastfeeding mothers
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Digestive abnormalities, including low stomach acidity, low enzyme levels, candida and insufficient good bacteria
  • Stress and emotional factors

To optimize skin health, your child needs to consume a natural diet.  This means limiting chemicals, processed foods, junk foods, caffeine or sugar.  Animal products, including dairy and eggs, contain fats that can aggravate skin problems.  They may also be loaded with drugs such as antibiotics, steroid hormones, nitrates, nitrites and other artificial ingredients.  Steroid creams, incidentally, can thin the skin and encourage the growth of candida.

Natural remedies for helping the skin:

  • Aloe vera gel,
  • A good quality Calendula ointment
  • Candigen cream by Genestra can be applied topically.
  • There is a natural alternative to cortisone cream called Derma Med that can be found at the health food store as well.
  • Supplementing with probiotics (good bacteria)
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Drinking lots of water helps all skin conditions.
  • Vitamin E ointment or oil prevents and heals scarring.
  • Humidity and salt water are very helpful, which is why eczema often improves in the summer.  In winter months, humidifiers, solar lights, salt rinses, and vitamin D can be of great help too.

There is no reason for your child to suffer from skin challenges. Seek the help of a nutritionist and get to the bottom of the matter, as soon as possible.  Please don’t let your child suffer any longer!

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Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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  1. Karina Chimoy on February 18, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Hi Meredith,
    My baby have eczema in her face, i just bought this candigen cream (cause she has also candida). But I read you wrote that it can help with eczema. I would like to know if it is really useful and not dangerous to put into her face ( she has a wound).
    Thank you!

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