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Optimizing Your Child’s Day at School Through Nutrition


Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health describes the five major areas where you can expect food to have an especially big impact as:

  • Promoting healthy weight gain and preventing obesity
  • Avoiding allergies
  • Optimizing bone strength and height
  • Boosting intelligence
  • Preventing childhood cancers

You may believe that food has this much of an impact on our bodies or you may wonder at the possibility.  You may be tired of feeding your child the same old foods.  The age-old questions are “What do I feed my child to help them be healthy?” and “What new ideas can you suggest for my child’s lunch?”

From reading my other blog posts, you may know that I am not a proponent of feeding your child what everyone else is feeding their children.  Rather, I recommend daring to be different.  As a result, the ideas I share with you in this post do not contain chemicals, dairy or wheat.

Breakfast (always include a protein and a starch and preferably a fruit too)

  • Turkey bacon sandwich on spelt bread with a bowl of berries
  • Melted goat cheese on kamut toast with a glass of orange juice
  • Bowl of oatmeal with grated apple and almond milk

Snack (always include a protein source)

  • Sunflower seeds and dark chocolate chips (and yes, seeds are allowed at school!)
  • Tortilla chips and bean salsa (in a cold pak)
  • Spelt pretzels and lentil dip by Gourmet Vegetarian

Lunch (always include a protein and starch and preferably vegetables too)

  • Rice macaroni pasta, tomato sauce and chicken sausage
  • Garlic hummus in a brown rice wrap (you’ll need to wrap it in saran wrap)
  • Salmon, vegetables and rice with garlic himalayan salt

Snack (always include a protein source)

  • Sheep yogurt
  • Goat cheese on sesame rice crackers
  • Celery and Sunbutter (a healthy replacement to peanut butter)

Dinner (always include a protein and starch and preferably vegetables too)

  • Falafals on elzekiel wraps with cut up cucumber
  • Turkey wieners and beans and some raw red, orange or yellow peppers on the side
  • Chili on a bun with a side salad

Snack (stay away from chocolate at this hour!)

  • Apple sauce
  • Quinoa and sliced almonds
  • Carrots and gaucomole

What you feed your child is the most important indicator of their health and happiness.

Your child’s school year can be as incredible as you had always dreamed if your child’s diet becomes your priority.  I hope that you feel that you now have lots of food ideas and that your creative juices are now flowing!

I have pages of food ideas, including best-tasting brand names, in my book that can be purchased from my website (please visit the tab above) or from Nature’s Emporium, along with other locations in Aurora and Newmarket.  There are loads of other food ideas in the health aisles at your local Superstore or health food store!

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Until next time,


Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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