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Learning to Surrender Regarding Your Child’s Health


In the past few months, I have talked with a number of mothers who have been trying with all their might to put an end to their children’s health issues and suffering.  There are so many options once one learns about holistic health and its power.  So often, we want to see one practitioner, receive all of the answers we need and have our child be healed.  There is nothing wrong with that; it’s just unfortunate that it doesn’t seem to happen like that.  Instead, as each of us goes through life, we receive the pieces to our puzzles, at the time it seems we need them. And sometimes we simply need to learn to surrender.

Sometimes we do obtain the solutions we need but we are simply not ready to implement them.  One mother hears that her underweight child needs to go off of gluten, questions the logic of this recommendation and struggles to imagine how she would implement such a drastic change to her way of eating.  Months go by, her daughter continues to be diagnosed with “failure to thrive” and then the mother sees another expert who tells her that her daughter needs to go off gluten entirely.  This time, the mother is stronger, her baby is older, she has started getting some sleep again and her other children are slightly less dependent on her and she feels ready to take this step.  Her baby gradually gains weight and begins to exude health.

One mother tries everything she has learned of to help her son’s eczema yet his skin will not heal.  Finally, she learns that her stress could be the biggest culprit for her son’s skin challenges.  Suppressed resentment, mental eruptions, frustration over external events and a feeling of powerlessness to do anything about them are all emotional causes behind eczema.  Her son was taking his frustration at not being cared for in the way he needed, out on himself.  As soon as his mother started taking care of herself, she was better able to give her son the love he needed and his eczema went away within weeks.

One time, I was in Mexico with my children.  We had gone horseback riding on the beach and seen a huge sea turtle lying in the sand.  Once we got off the horses, my youngest, Paige, wanted to go back to where we had seen the sea turtle, to get a closer look.  I knew it was quite a distance away but I wanted to see it again too, so off we went.  We walked a great distance with eager Paige quite a ways in front of me.  After some time, I realized that Paige had gone past the area where we had seen the turtle.  By now, she was really far way from me and out of earshot.  I continued to follow her, not wanting to lose track of her.  I was getting tired and hot, knowing that we needed to get back for dinner but I continued walking.  It seemed as though Paige would walk forever on her quest.  I knew I had to do something differently in order to make her stop.  I decided to stop walking and stand in such a way that when she looked back, she would hopefully be able to see that I had stopped following her.  Sure enough, within a minute of “surrendering”, Paige looked back, saw me standing still and began running back to me.  I was so relieved to have her back at my side and to be returning, together, to our resort – I can’t begin to tell you!  And I knew that if only I had surrendered sooner, I could have had her back in my arms so much earlier.

So it seems as though the answers come to us when we give ourselves a break from all the craziness and surrender to things not being the way we want them to be.  This is why so many are meditating.  We are so reluctant to wrench ourselves away from the battle but when we even take 5 minutes to just be, the solutions we are so desperate to obtain often come to us and our paths become clear.

What battles are you fighting?  What never-ending quest are you on?  It may seem as though you could never just ‘let it be’ and you shudder at the idea of just “giving up.”  You might be thinking. ‘If I did that, it would seem as though I don’t care’ or ‘People would surely think I am a failure if I just gave up’.

I encourage you to try it.  The answers do come when we stop to listen.  And they are usually far simpler than we could ever imagine.  Sometimes we make life more difficult than need be.  I know because I have been there.

I don’t hear from many of you when I write these blog posts.  This is such an important concept and it would mean so much to all of the readers and literally change lives, if you would take a few minutes to share your story of surrendering with all of us.  Feel free to leave a link back to your own blog via the commentluv feature here on the site.

I thank you in advance for your contribution to helping those exhausted, wonderful parents out there to understand that there is hope for their children.

Until next time,


Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.


  1. Dan on April 18, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Taking a break or finding a distraction for your mind is excellent advice for any long journey. However, in order to make the journey shorter we must be willing to part, to a greater degree, from conventional health premises. I had a mother come to me whose 2 yo daughter was also in the conventional “failure to thrive” category. The doctors told her to test for allergies. Nothing remarkable came back. They told her to eliminate wheat from her child’s diet, then milk, then corn, then soy, etc.. She was very disconcerted as nothing was working. After a thorough examination of her daughter’s diet I realized that it was the typical conventionally “healthy” modern diet; low fat, everything cooked well done, lots of fruits and vegetables, minimal to no grain. I recommended more traditional foods. They eliminated eggs from her diet completely. I told her to start feeding her raw eggs. I had her smear half of a raw egg yolk on her toast for starters and then she started mixing raw eggs into her food. I encouraged raw milk, raw butter, fresh squeezed juices like lemon juice mixed with raw honey. Before long she was adding raw fish and even rare pieces of red meat to her diet. A diet high in raw meats and animal fats is completely opposite of convention, but totally in line with traditional diets. Even though it may not seem so this is a healing, health giving diet. After about 6 months not only did her daughter put on weight, but she is strong and has a very solid build. Along with the change in body composition she’s seen a marked improvement in health. Most conventional wisdom is not wisdom at all.

    • Meredith on April 18, 2012 at 2:22 pm

      Thank you so much for this, Dan. This way of eating is extremely popular in the United States and Dr. Mercola is one of its biggest proponents. We only have one source of raw, unpasteurized milk here, just so the readers know, and it is at The Waldorf Market in Thornhill on Bathurst Street. The U.S. has far more access to this milk. In terms of all of the other raw foods that you recommend for these extremely sensitive children, I implore parents to purchase organic whenever possible – it is simply the purest we have yet I know it is still not as pure as the foods of our ancestors. Thank you again for taking the time to share.


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