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High school graduates celebrating by tossing their caps in the air.

A Motivating Speech for All High School Graduates of 2020

By Meredith Deasley | June 19, 2020

I had the honour of delivering this speech at an online graduation ceremony for a private school in Ontario last week. The Headmaster asked that every graduate of his school receive a copy. It is my hope that other high school graduates benefit from this speech. You are the graduates of 2020 – the year no one will ever forget in the history of mankind! 🙂 Many might feel sorry for you, knowing that you…

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Woman dancing in a sunny field of sunflowers because she knows her worth.

An Online Workshop – Know Your Worth – Taking the Actual Steps to Coming to Love Yourself

By Meredith Deasley | June 11, 2020

For a few years now, we have been hearing we need to love ourselves but I think the majority have a hard time understanding what this means. And I am certain that the majority do not understand the importance of loving ourselves. I spend so much time in my individual appointments helping people understand and take these steps that I decided it was time to teach these concepts to the world at large. I also…

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Bowls containing superfoods.

3 Superfoods to Help You Thrive During COVID-19 Quarantine

By Meredith Deasley | May 7, 2020

Over the past two months, the majority of people have undergone major life changes with COVID-19 entering our world. You may have found yourself doing more emotional eating than usual or feeling tired, unmotivated or even apathetic. There is no need to spend the rest of quarantine feeling this way! We can use food to help us, as opposed to hurting us! “Superfoods” is the name given to foods that have an exceptional nutritional content.…

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Stop COVID-19 poster of woman sitting in mediation.

Stop COVID-19 by Seeing Its Lesson – The Answer is Here

By Meredith Deasley | April 17, 2020

Group Meditation April 24, 2020, 8 pm EDT Many of us think that COVID-19 has removed our power. We have been forced into lockdown and can barely leave our homes, so it is obvious that we have been stripped of our power, right? Yes, we can give our power away to this virus but does this way of thinking actually serve us? You see, our thoughts can create our defeat or our success. If our…

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Woman sitting on a window seat meditating on taking a spiritual perspective to COVID-19.

A Spiritual Perspective to CALM You During COVID–19

By Meredith Deasley | April 10, 2020

At this time, we are being presented with the biggest opportunity for our souls to grow. There has never been a time in history, allowing us this much growth at one time. How do I know this?  Because we have never globally and collectively had to restrict our movements like this. And we are having to do this at the same time that all of these planetary shifts are happening.  By planetary shifts, I am…

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Family sitting together and working on strengthening their relationships.

15 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationships during COVID-19 Lockdown

By Meredith Deasley | April 3, 2020

I am finding that during COVID-19 lockdown, more than anything else, my clients want assistance with their relationships. When we live with others in COVID-19 lockdown, our relationships with our loved ones are under a microscope, like never before. The struggle is real ☺.  Some are struggling with keeping their children happy when they can’t partake in outside activities. Others are trying to work from home when they have children or spouses underfoot. Others are…

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Woman with the flu wishing she had known how to strengthen her immune system.

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

By Meredith Deasley | March 13, 2020

When our leaders are filled with fear, we can end up living in fear. When we subject ourselves to watching the news, we can end up living in fear. When our freedom and safety is at risk, we can end up living in fear. All of this is happening in our world that is already riddled with fear. Our fear translates into anxiety, depression, addiction and mental illness, in general. And guess what? Fear literally…

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The Masks We Wear – Moving from Denial to Awareness

By Meredith Deasley | February 28, 2020

I was recently talking to some people at a party who were trying to convince me of certain aspects of themselves. A man told me he respected women yet he showed me he didn’t by how he treated his wife. Another man said certain things didn’t upset him but then I saw they did. A woman talked about how people feel about her but she was actually giving me a description of HER negative feelings…

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Couple laughing and celebrating Valentine's Day with a piggy back ride for her.

Valentine’s Day is NOT just another Hallmark Holiday

By Meredith Deasley | February 12, 2020

I have heard many people say that Valentine’s Day is just another way for Hallmark, restaurants, jewelers, and florists to make money. To me, this is very sad. How did Valentine’s Day come into being? Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine of Rome. Saint Valentine performed weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry because it was believed that love interfered with their ability to fight. He also ministered Christians, who were persecuted under…

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Teens having fun and making faces.

The 10 Best Mental Health Tips for Teens

By Meredith Deasley | January 27, 2020

Mental health challenges are rampant amongst our youth. All we want, as individuals and as parents, is for today’s youth to be healthy and happy. Ironically, if we improved our own mental health, as adults, in the ways I discuss, we could set the example for today’s youth to do the same. But some of us still struggle with helping them, even if we are feeling our best, which is why I knew having these…

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