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Halloween Unmasked

By Meredith Deasley | October 31, 2018
photo of batman

In my almost fifty years of celebrating Halloween, I never knew the reason we celebrate Halloween until now! Do YOU know where it originated?

The Celts started Halloween over 2000 years ago because they believed the barrier between our world and the world of spirits became really thin at the end of each summer. October 31st began a three-day festival dedicated to remembering the dead, including the saints (hallow) and martyrs. To this day, in many parts of the world, churches observe All Hallows’ Eve by holding services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead.

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Maximize Your Soul’s Growth

By Meredith Deasley | October 16, 2018
A photo of the door of an old church door with the words Open the Door to Your Soul's Growth

A woman came to me for life coaching. I listened intently while she shared her life story with me for about an hour and a half. As soon as she finished, I gave her my perceptions about her life, the incorrect belief system that she had allowed to run her life and one step she could implement to turn things around. She looked at me and asked incredulously, “What happened to you in your life that allowed you to help me like this? I have been to therapists and counsellors my whole life and NO ONE has understood me or my life the way you do.”

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5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

By Meredith Deasley | October 4, 2018

Gratitude helps us focus on the present moment. It is pretty difficult to think much about our past and future, things we cannot control or things that we should be doing when we are simply feeling grateful for where we are at this time.

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A Life Coach’s Wish for You This School Year

By Meredith Deasley | September 7, 2018
students in classroom

For the Students

School is so much more than academics. School prepares us for life. My wish for you is that this year, you learn and enact these 10 ways to come to know your own greatness:

Handle challenges with grace, meaning always endeavouring to find the perspective that brings you peace
Find the areas of study that you are passionate about because when you find those, you can never feel empty
Get along with the other children and teachers by operating from your HEART and learning diplomacy
Balance your time between your workload, sports, clubs, friends and time for yourself to just “be”
Make and consume healthy lunches and snacks, so that you can concentrate for long periods, keep your moods stable and keep your energy high

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10 Ways to Improve the Health of your Brain

By Meredith Deasley | July 30, 2018
brain health

The top picture shows us what a healthy brain looks like. The bottom left picture shows us what an unhealthy brain looks like. The bottom right picture shows us the improvements in brain health by decreasing one’s exposure to toxins, improving one’s nutrition and thinking more positively. When we improve the health of our brain, we also improve the appearance of our body. Here are the top 10 ways to improve the health of your…

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Canada Day Weekend – Appreciating Our Freedom

By Meredith Deasley | July 3, 2018

Every year, I have more appreciation for living in Canada than the year prior. This past weekend, I spent time overlooking the City of Toronto and its waterfront with thoughts of freedom continually pervading my mind. I believe that in Canada we have the privilege of having more freedom than if we were to live anywhere else in the world. What is freedom to you?  Here are a few ideas that came to mind: Having…

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Gay Pride Week – Love IS Love

By Meredith Deasley | June 23, 2018

Gay pride week is comprised of events celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex culture and pride. Last weekend, on my way home from the Artisan festival, I stumbled into a pride parade heading down Main Street Newmarket. The energy was palpable. The mayor, the police force, the paramedics and numerous other groups were all there supporting the LGBT community. There were more floats than I had seen in any other parade in town and…

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The Symbolism of Illness

By Meredith Deasley | June 12, 2018

Our illnesses are meaningful, symbolic and have a spiritual purpose. They offer the possibility of greater healing. Physical illnesses are designed to help our souls grow, make improvements in our lives or create a way for us to leave our present lives. The choice to work out life issues through the body is just one choice that our souls can make. “Health is one of the arenas in which we can learn about ourselves and…

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Spiritual Vitality – A Prerequisite to Overall Health and Wellness

By Meredith Deasley | May 31, 2018
My third book is full of modernized interpretations about spirituality researched and designed to help you heal and prosper physically, emotionally and spiritually

What is Spiritual Health and Vitality? Spiritual health is all about moving from fear to love, having faith in a Higher Power, reading the signs sent to you from the Universe, and understanding your soul’s mission here on Earth. We experience spiritual vitality when we acquire the ability to see beyond and experience bliss, freedom, love and meaning in our lives every single day. How Did I Acquire My Expertise in Spiritual Vitality? My spiritual…

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My FULL Acceptance Speech After Receiving The Lifetime Achievement Award in Nutrition

By Meredith Deasley | May 11, 2018

On Saturday, I received the Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award in Nutrition. I was not able to deliver my full acceptance speech due to time constraints, so I decided to share it with you in this way! Who knew that my eldest daughter being so sick back in 1999 would lead to receiving this prestigious award today? I am truly honoured. Over the years, I have spread the word about what we learn at CSNN – with great passion…

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