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The Secrets to Fortifying Your Relationships – My Next Seminar

By Meredith Deasley | November 6, 2019

On Saturday, November 30th, I will teach you ALL of my best methods for fortifying your relationships! Here are all the details about the seminar.

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Why Mental Health Labels May Be Destructive Instead of Helpful

By Meredith Deasley | October 27, 2019

There is no question that mental health labels can be helpful, but sometimes the labels can have hurtful repercussions.

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How to Take a Spiritual Approach to Wellness with Your Overweight Child

By Meredith Deasley | October 7, 2019

Your child is overweight. You might think they are not exercising enough or that they are eating too much sugar but there are so many other aspects to consider.

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Past-Life Regression – Another Way to Heal Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

By Meredith Deasley | September 17, 2019

Learning about our past lives, can help us heal aspects of our present lives. Come join me, as I share some incredible stories as to how doing past-life regression has helped individuals in countless and significant ways. Physical Healing We might have unexplained pains or health challenges in this life that we have been unable to heal. By “reliving” the time in which we were injured in another lifetime, we can bring the circumstances that…

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10 Reasons Why Health and Wellness is Important to Employees

By Meredith Deasley | September 6, 2019

Now that summer holidays are over, it’s time for employees to determine how they are going to be their best back at work. Here are some tips!

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A Life Coach’s Tips for Overcoming Social Media Crisis

By Meredith Deasley | August 16, 2019

Over the past decade, I have been asked to help many clients who have been negatively affected by social media. Recently, I was so inundated with clients who were experiencing a social media crisis that I felt compelled to help my readers in this arena! Some individuals receive critical, angry or even hateful responses to their pictures or words; some  are bullied; some have painstakingly worked to create material to post that receives absolutely no…

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Why Is It So Hard to Be the Best People We Can Be?

By Meredith Deasley | July 21, 2019

Our souls come here to learn how to be the most loving, the least fearful and the best people we can be. They don’t come here to make piles of money, build incredible structures or receive awards. It is nice when these things happen but these accomplishments are not our souls’ prime objective.

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The Link between Healthy Eating and Child Development

By Meredith Deasley | July 4, 2019

I have designed this blog post to shock you. Maybe if I shock you enough, you will truly see the connection between health eating and child development.

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Why is Having Good Mental/Emotional Health Important?

By Meredith Deasley | June 17, 2019

Why is having good mental and emotional health important? When we have it, we have continual healthy and positive thoughts. And continual healthy and positive thoughts create a healthy mindset. We achieve this by seeing every obstacle as an opportunity.

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15 Proven Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness and Health

By Meredith Deasley | May 29, 2019

We know we have spiritual wellness and health when we can find meaning, peace and joy in our everyday lives, no matter what goes on around us. The more we cultivate a spiritual perspective, the better we feel inside. Here are 15 proven ways to improve your spiritual wellness and health:  Breathe. Our breath is a gift we take with us wherever we go; we always have it, as long as we are alive. The…

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