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Thank You Good Mothers of the World


You might wonder why I am writing a post with this title, at this time of year….why not closer to Mother’s Day, you might ask?  This is the time you parents (not just mothers but generally it is the mothers reading my blog) need appreciation and encouragement.  In the winter months, you are often chilled to the bone, you are spending an inordinate amount of time bundling up your young children to go outside, you may not be socializing as much as you do in summer months, your children, still developing their immune systems, are experiencing colds or flu and it often seems as though there is no end in sight.

Many would say that we live in a very corrupt world – a world where Hollywood stars have more press than anyone else, where reality shows are everywhere we look and discussed far more than warranted, where children are exposed to adult perspectives more than ever before, where inappropriate behaviour is allowed because we don’t want to be as strict with our children as our parents were, where children grow up faster than need be, where people have far too little respect for themselves demonstrated by how they dress, how they eat, how they act and how they talk to one another.

And we start to think that the way the world is depicted is truly the way the world is and wonder if anyone is raising their children to be in alignment with their souls.  I am here to tell you that in almost a decade of being “The Resourceful Mother”, I have met and continue to meet many mothers who refuse to raise their children the way the majority are raising their children.  These mothers work tirelessly to set the best example possible for their children.  They use real life events as lessons, often of how not to be.  They teach what is appropriate and what is not.  They teach their children to “do unto others as you would have done unto you”.  They teach their children to respect themselves by living in integrity.  They teach their children to think positively as often as possible, knowing that attitude always determines outcome.  They help their children to have faith, set goals based on their unique talents, take risks and believe in themselves, no matter what others say.  They are there, when their children achieve their goals, to praise them and help them cherish their accomplishments.  They feel and express gratitude regularly for everything that goes right in their lives and for those that are part of their lives.  They try to live in the moment, experiencing joy in interacting with their children each and every day.  When they make mistakes, they apologize to their children and forge ahead.  They feed their children natural, alive, good quality foods because they love their children too much to feed them badly.  They know that they are responsible for their children’s happiness and take every measure to accomplish that very task.

You will know the children with good mothers by the glow you see on their faces, by the happiness they exude, by the clarity in their eyes, by the comfort they have in their own skin, by their willingness to help rather than bully others, by their desire and ability to take in new circumstances and information, by their ability to speak their mind, by their ambition and accomplishing of goals, and by their love for themselves and for life itself.

Usually, the biggest challenge for the good mothers I speak of is that they put their children before themselves.  As a result, their own health and happiness suffers.  Ensure that you are one that shows your child that you do have a life and that it is okay to have a life, that you will go out but that you will return, and that you will take care of yourself (even if you start by sitting still, with your eyes closed for 10 minutes a day!  You are worth it!) because you want your child to always care of him or herself.  Let them hear you laugh, let them see you dance to the music as you prepare a meal, let them see you love and be loved, and let them see you be appreciated for your efforts.  There is no greater accomplishment than a life well lived.  It is by living well that you will raise a happy human being.  Thank you good mothers for making that possible for your children.  Thank you for making that possible for our world.  Thank you for raising your children to be in alignment with their souls.

“I can think of no more sacred, pressing, essential and relevant expression of our humanity than what we have come to call ‘parenting.’  As living beings that rely on their offspring to ensure a future, this is our single, most powerful act.  This day-to-day, often mindless and habituated process is the overriding force in all cultures, in all religions and at all economic levels that determines our future from one generation to the next.” Louise LeBrun, coauthor with Anita Allen, of Guardians of the Vision – Parenting for the Birthright of Potential.

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Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.


  1. pat ashby on February 17, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Mer, you do an amazing job with your blogs. I have just gone through most of them and
    found them to be so informative, often having a personal touch and insightful.
    You have a lovely way of sharing such valuable information and anyone looking for answers to the issues you’ve discussed to date should find them most helpful.
    Great Job!
    Pat 🙂

    • Meredith on February 17, 2011 at 4:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Pat for taking the time to not only read the blog but to comment. I have come to really love writing for this purpose.

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