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The Emotional Connection to Physical Illness


We now have the sickest generation of human beings to have ever existed in the history of mankind.  Obesity, allergies, asthma, autism, ADD, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and cancer are only a few examples of the epidemics that exist today.  The physical reason for these epidemics is that the world is simply more toxic than ever before – our food, water and air are perpetually being contaminated.  But why do certain people contract certain illnesses?  Wherever there is physical illness, there is always an emotional connection – I have discussed this concept in prior blogs but once I learned of the large interest in this topic, I felt compelled to explain the concept in greater detail.

When a man plays hockey, falls down and injures his right shoulder, why didn’t he injure his right elbow instead?  As a holistic nutritionist, we are trained to look at the physical manifestations in our clients’ bodies to determine what we need to look at from an emotional standpoint.  Here are some examples of various physical manifestations and their emotional connection:

Allergies – ‘Who are you allergic to?’ Suppressed rage at another.  Not accepting of your own power and denying self-worth.  You didn’t get the love you needed as a child and are afraid of others knowing who you really are.  You are suffering from an unresolved aggravation from childhood.

Eczema – “Don’t be yourself.”  You feel guilty and uncomfortable with being yourself.  You feel blocked from doing what you want and often feel powerless.  You tend to hang onto the past.  You are super sensitive to yourself and your environment, deeply feeling any loss of love.  You fear the future.  For these reasons, you start to grow a “second skin.”

Female problems ie menstrual problems – rejecting femininity or not wanting to be a woman.  Dislike of the self. Could feel resentment at father for not being there for you or feeling betrayed by him.

Nail-biting – You are eating away at yourself.  You are very frustrated at not being able to take charge of your life and manifest your desires.  You may have anger issues and feel as though you are alone.

Stomachaches – Scared and unable to assimilate the current happenings in your life.  A great need to be loved.  Fearful of not receiving love and angry to be in this position and trying to suppress these feelings.   The stomach holds nourishment and digests life.

There are even links between emotions and challenges with different body parts.  Examples include:

Knee challenges – You are having troubles bending your knees and moving forward with your life.  It arises from a fear of failure.

Shoulder challenges – “Everything always falls on my shoulders.”  You are shouldering too much responsibility.  You feel you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You have a hard time carrying your responsibilities in a joyful way.

I remember thinking “Why does the body have to always communicate with me?”  “Can’t it let me get away with anything?”  The reality is that the body communicates with us at all times, whether we like it or not.  The trick is to improve our nutrition at a physical level and at an emotional level, become aware, decipher the messages the body is relaying, and then do the work to heal the belief system within ourselves that is manifesting in our bodies.  Because whenever an individual is truly happy, down to their very core, their body is healthy.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

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Until next time,


Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.


  1. kevin@mexicodenstistsclinics on July 19, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you for pointing out some of the thought processes that come along with physical ailments. I’m sure that many of us, never take the time to understand how people suffering from such ailments are thinking about themselves in their head about the situation and this should lead to better understanding.

    • Meredith on July 19, 2012 at 10:48 pm

      Thank you for commenting, Kevin. Yes, you are correct that many don’t look at this and it can provide so many answers. It’s nice to know that you are out there also spreading the word on this subject!

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