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The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

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For the past three and a half years, I have been writing and publishing my second book, entitled “The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health”.

We are not angry people who fight all the time and criticize others; that is not who we are. We are not the people who work ourselves to the bone to prove ourselves to others; that is not who we are. We are not constant complainers who can’t get anything to go the way we want it to in our lives; that is not who we are. We really are just peaceful, loving and happy individuals.

What makes us continue struggling? Why don’t we surrender? A part of us feels we deserve to struggle; that is the only reason. It is always fear that lies behind those feelings of not deserving. We are afraid of what will happen if we surrender. We are afraid that if we surrender, we can’t prove ourselves to others. We are afraid that if we don’t accomplish what we are trying to accomplish, we are a failure or we will be rejected or ridiculed by others or there will be repercussions with which we cannot live. Or maybe we see the good in the person we are struggling with in a relationship but they don’t see the good in themselves. Ironically, if we saw the good in ourselves, we would know that we deserve more for ourselves. We need to look carefully at the beliefs, habits, perceptions, judgments and excuses that we are desperately holding onto that keep us in our unhealthy, repetitive patterns. There can be any number of obvious reasons to continue the struggle, but we can only face our biggest fears once we come to love ourselves enough. That is the only time we really know we do not deserve to struggle anymore and the world truly can be a peaceful place.

In my book, you will learn why our parents raised us the way they did, what happened to us, including the unhealthy patterns we adopted, and how our childhoods affected us as adults (Chapter One). You will read about various sources of emotional education; our physical bodies, specifically our health challenges and cravings, are road maps pointing us in the exact direction we need to go to understand where we need to heal emotionally (Chapter Two). You will gain an understanding of why we remain victims and how to reframe your childhood story, no matter what has happened to you, and take responsibility for yourself. You will learn to identify, understand, feel and express your emotions and convert your negative, self-defeating beliefs into positive, self-affirming beliefs that improve every aspect of your life (Chapter Three). You will be provided with all the tools that you need to release your pain and heal within. You will gain the most comprehensive understanding of what forgiveness is and learn every nuance of what is involved in forgiving others, as well as yourself (Chapter Four).

The longest chapter of the book tells you exactly what you need to know about parenting yourself by coming to know and love yourself. It also explains how to know when you don’t love yourself, what it’s like when you are coming to love yourself and what it means to truly love yourself. I can assure you that the joy of self-discovery will be one of your greatest (Chapter Five).

Relationships are our biggest catalyst for emotional healing. Learn how to improve every relationship you have by reading the ten lengthy explanations for understanding and transcending the differences that exist between ourselves and others (Chapter Six). Discover how to prevent yourself from passing your negative patterns onto your children and understand your children like never before, as well as the lessons you can learn from them (Chapter Seven). Also, discover how to understand and support them best so that they handle challenges with ease and reach their maximum potential on this earth (Chapter Eight). Most importantly, you will find out how to help them come to love themselves (Chapter Nine). And don’t think that you need to do all of this alone! There are all sorts of practitioners who want to help you heal. Read about how various therapies will assist you in your healing (Chapter Ten).

By reading my book, you will have the tools to improve your emotional health and happiness for life and be fully equipped to do the same for your children. I can hardly wait for you to start reading!

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Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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