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What is Causing Today’s Children to be Malnourished?


On Sat July 13th, The Observer announced that British child death rates are ‘a major crisis,’ stating that five children are dying a day due to lack of pediatric skills and a shortage of pediatric consultants.  It also stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there are 6,198 preventable deaths a year among children up to 14 across 14 European countries, which could be avoided if they tackled children’s health.  Generations ago, children did not need access to pediatric consultants, did they?  So what has changed?  What is causing today’s children to be malnourished? And unfortunately, malnutrition is rampant.

When the majority of the world has more access to healthy food than ever before, why are today’s children suffering so much and even dying?  The majority of adults do not understand the importance of feeding themselves and their children healthy food.   Generations ago, we did not need to understand the importance of healthy eating.  Our fruits and vegetables were made in nutrient rich soil, which contained more vitamins and minerals than even our organic fruits and vegetables do today.  We didn’t have drugs that deplete our bodies of good bacteria needed to prevent all symptoms, conditions and disease.  Chemicals did not exist in our food, water or air.  Flours, sugars and cow’s milk were not refined or pasteurized, depleting them of necessary nutrients and digestive enzymes.   Electro-magnetic radiation did not exist because there were no computers, televisions or cell phones.  Even alcohol and cigarettes were more pure as they didn’t have added chemicals (For more information on the toxicity of today’s world, please see my prior post: Why are the children of today so sick?).

Today, it requires effort to raise healthy children.   And most of us are too busy surviving financially, dealing with unhealthy relationships or have absolutely no interest in nutrition, to start researching the importance of healthy food.   Unfortunately, there are many parents searching for help for their malnourished children and unable to find it.

I just helped a woman from Spain yesterday who told me that they don’t have access to organic food, whole grains or healthy food in general.  Her daughter has hardly any hair, is pale, is developmentally slow, is continually sick and in the hospital with a weakened immune system and is hardly eating the food that is offered to her.  Her mother has taken her daughter to numerous medical experts in Spain and was simply told that her daughter would eat when she is hungry.

I know children who eat candy every day, never touch a fruit or vegetable and who drink pop multiple times a day.  These children are not being given the basics of life.  There is healthy food and supplements that will turn the health of these children around.  And there are preventative measures that parents-to-be can adopt to increase the nutrients and good bacteria in their unborn babies.  I implore you to spread the word about this blog and the work of nutritionists, in general, and help the many families that are in need.

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Meredith Deasley

Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Vitality Expert - Published Author, Speaker, and Teacher.

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